Pittsboro mayor Cindy Perry supports Mike Cross for Commissioner

By Cindy Perry

Pittsboro, NC – In the last two months, I have come to respect the experience which an incumbent brings to elected office.

Pittsboro mayor Cindy Perry

Pittsboro mayor Cindy Perry

That is why I am supporting Mike Cross for County Commissioner.  He has developed the experience and expertise over a broad breadth of issues.

Mike Cross has not only represented his district with this kind of efficiency, but he has served the entire County with his expertise.

Sometimes there are times for new, fresh leadership, but now is not that time.  We need Mike Cross’ solid experience to tackle the issues of infrastructure, zoning, growth and our schools.

Mike Cross is not afraid to work across the aisle for the betterment of Chatham County.  But make no doubt about it, he is a Democrat tried and true.

Cast your vote for experience and the willingness to work hard for all of Chatham….Mike Cross.