Heather Johnson is a local Pittsboro business woman involved in making her community better

by Gene Galin

Heather JohnsonPittsboro, NC – At the Chatham County Chamber of Commerce meeting at Governors’ Club, Pittsboro Roadhouse proprietor, Greg Lewis got up to talk about all the positive changes taking place in the town of Pittsboro

At the 1:55 point of his presentation on what’s going on in the Pittsboro business district and the people getting involved in making that positive difference, Greg Lewis points out the efforts of Heather Johnson and others [tube]https://youtu.be/j8AmoKRdMwQ?t=1m55[/tube]

It’s pretty neat when the head of the Pittsboro Business district acknowledges your efforts in front of a room full of  Chatham County business leaders.

Greg notes that “they’re involved. Just go out and see.”

So take Greg’s advice and go out and see Heather Johnson at Chatham Business Services at 20 Sanford Rd in downtown Pittsboro behind Greg Lewis’ Roadhouse restaurant off the traffic circle in Pittsboro, NC. Her phone number is (919) 444-9500

Here’s a video of my visit to the business shortly after she opened her doors in 2012 [tube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kw6kT7QADn4[/tube]

I am not a resident of Pittsboro proper and cannot vote in this year’s municipal elections, but I would not hesitate to cast my vote for Heather Johnson and I recommend that voters in Pittsboro do cast one of their three votes for town commission for Heather Johnson.