Ugly new mutation emerges from Pittsboro Matters called Truth Matters

By Virginia Penley

Pittsboro, NC – I have been active in the Democratic Party and the Democratic Women for a while and most recently have been helping Casey Mann run for Town Board in Pittsboro.

Running for office should be fun, but where there is light a shadow may fall.

Jeff Starkweather

Jeffrey Starkweather

Once again it seems Chatham County and Pittsboro will suffer the only type of campaign that Jeffrey Starkweather, Dee Reid and their adherents know how to run…nasty.

This past weekend an ugly new mutation emerged from the Pittsboro Matters cesspool called Truth Matters.

Populated with crossovers from Pittsboro Matters and led by a former plaintiff in a failed lawsuit against Pittsboro this new PAC spewed forth noxious text like an old industrial smokestack in a coal fired plant.

Jeffrey runs the same campaign over and over.

Scare people with outlandish rhetoric.

Claim the opponents and their followers lack integrity and moral awareness because they dare to disagree with Jeffrey.

Fire up the base for a sacrifice by accusing and impugning others in order to use innuendo to imply corruption.

Or just claim that folks are just not smart enough to see his way.

I was exposed to real cults in the 1970’s like Stevens Farm in Tennessee and I know all the markings of cult behavior and cult leadership.

We deserve better in Pittsboro in our election process and our dialogue with voters and I expect better from all of the candidates.