Month: June 2014

Chatham Board of Commissioners meeting agenda – 6/16/14

The Chatham County Board of Commissioners will meet on Monday, June 16 at the Agricultural Building auditorium in Pittsboro, NC.Related:Official Chatham County, NC

No property tax rate increase is good news for Chatham County

We passed the 2014-2015 budget on Tuesday night, May 20. The theme of this year’s budget is ‘Working together is success”. By working together with our departments, the school administration, the Sheriff’s department, the Community College, and others we were able to fund the county’s priorities without an increase in the property tax rate for the 4th consecutive budget year. Helping make that possible is an economic recovery better than the State or national average. Our unemployment rate is consistently lower than the state average. Our sales tax revenue is growing at almost double the statewide rate. Companies have invested another $100 million in new capital in Chatham already this year. The rating agencies recently affirmed our AA+ bond rating with Moody’s giving us a favorable outlook that could lead to an upgrade in the near future.

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Here’s what real tax increases in North Carolina look like

Progressive protestors, including “Moral Monday” demonstrators, have for roughly the past year voiced their opposition to a supposed state “tax increase” passed last year. Specifically, they gripe that the landmark 2013 North Carolina tax reform – which lowered income tax rates on all income levels – actually results in a tax increase on 80 percent of North Carolinians. The “80 percent will pay higher taxes”, however, has been soundly debunked.

Committee plans Chatham County project graduation

Since 1990, Project Graduation has been an annual event for graduating seniors from all Chatham County high schools. Seniors and their guests enjoy a fun-filled evening with music, inflatable games and plenty of food in a safe graduation celebration th…

Chatham Literacy seeks tutors for adult learners

The Chatham County Literacy Council (Chatham Literacy), a Pittsboro-based non-profit, is seeking volunteer tutors for its adult literacy programs, which help adults improve their reading, writing, math or English-language skills through one-on-one and …

Fracking isn’t new

One problem with the Monday protests is what lies between the lines. Listening to speakers today on Halifax Mall, for instance, you’d think fracking is something new and experimental and, therefore, dangerous. But fracking isn’t something new and untes…