Day: January 22, 2014

The Carol Folt playbook

In the UNC’s Mary Willingham student-athlete-literacy scandal, people at Dartmouth recognize that Chancellor Carol Folt is working from her usual playbook. Rather than facing serious revelations head on, she is yet again just running a PR damage control effort. Here’s how it works: first the administration ignores the problem; then it denies that the problem even exists, a denial that is wrapped in laudatory remarks about the institution; and then a full-on offensive aims to discredit and punish the whistleblower.


How Carol Folt works

Chatham Water Utilities seeks customer feedback

Chatham County Water Utilities is asking customers and other residents who have had interactions with utilities staff to complete a short online survey to provide feedback on customer service. The deadline to complete the survey is by midnight on Monda…

The whole story about voter reforms in North Carolina

Much has been said and written about the election law reform legislation known as VIVA (Voter Identification Verification Act – HB 589) – but too many of the reports are misleading or just plain wrong. The legislation was passed in the 2013 legislative session and signed by Gov. Pat McCrory in August. Mostly, the old guard media have focused on just three provisions of the new law — the voter ID requirement, the elimination of same day registration and the shortened early voting window. These three parts of the law are the most controversial, so focusing on them gives liberal advocacy groups a platform on which to continue their assault on the people who support election reform