Month: June 2013

When laws and regulations are made without sound basis something is wrong

In Chatham Chatlist number 4608, there were three posts in response to comments I made last April. I am greatly flattered to draw the views of a very successful local entrepreneur, Lyle Estill.

Consumer Reports reveals eight big tech trends and gotta-have gadgets for summer

The trend to mobile electronics hasn’t crested yet; America is on track in 2013 to acquire a new gadget for roughly every man, woman, and child over the age of 12. A special “Gear to Go” section in the August issue of Consumer Reports outlines some key trends that cut across multiple categories of mobile devices, covers what each means for shoppers and users, and offers Ratings of over 175 CR Recommended models.

Broken Arrow Archery Club is seeking new members

The Broken Arrow Archery Club is the oldest archery club in North Carolina and is beginning it’s 50th year of existence. We have a shooting range located at the intersection of Mann’s Chapel Road and Potyhress Rd in Chatham County, 14 stationary target…

Chatham Transit Network Needs Volunteer Board Members

Chatham Transit Network, which meets an array of transportation needs around the county, has at least three openings on its Board of Directors, a group of volunteers that provide guidance for the nonprofit. Board members are expected to attend meetings…

Wilmington man charged with rape in Chatham County

A Wilmington man is in jail in Chatham County accused of raping his estranged wife. Jesus Narciso Alvarez-Alba, 31, of Wilmington, had a domestic violence protective order issued against him by his estranged wife. Investigators say early Sunday morning…