Day: June 11, 2013

Individual Chatham County citizens can decide for themselves how to best spend their own money

On budget matters, the previous Chatham County Board of Commissioners believed that and acted on the premise that government should throw money at problems in order to solve them. This management strategy is the reason for the upheaval in local and nat…

A new book reminds us to say thank you

“Our landings in the Cherbourg-Havre area have failed to gain a satisfactory foothold and I have withdrawn the troops.” So wrote General Dwight Eisenhower on June 5, 1944, sixty-nine years ago this week. According to Rick Atkinson’s new book, “The Guns at Last Light: The War in Europe, 1944-1945,” currently Number One on the New York Times Non-Fiction Best Seller list, Ike continued, “If any blame or fault attaches to the attempt it is mine alone.”

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