St. Barthelomew’s fundraiser to buy insecticide treated sleeping nets

Pittsboro, NC – Come to St. Barthelomew’s Episcopal Church for special music, delicious African food cooked by the same church kitchen that does the Thursday community lunches, along with silent and live auctions. This is a fundraiser to buy insecticide treated sleeping nets that will protect people from mosquito-transmitted malaria.

6:00 pm to 9 pm at 204 West Salisbury Street, Pittsboro
Tickets: $12.00 prepaid
$15.00 at the door
#18.00 for families with children 10 and under. All proceeds go to purchase of nets.

Tickets may be purchased from St. Bartholomew’s 919-542-5679 or CR Townsend cell 919-260-5466.

Malaria Facts:

Why, you may ask, the focus on malaria and Africa? Here are some numbers that will help you understand. 250 million is the annual number of cases of malaria infection around the world. 90 percent of all malaria deaths occur in sub-Saharan Africa. Every 60 seconds, a child dues from malaria.

Malaria is commonly associated with poverty and can indeed be a cause of poverty and a major hindrance to economic development. Focusing on the disease enables progress in reducing poverty, improving the health of women and children for progress cannot be made when people are constantly battling sickness and death. According to the World Health Organization, costs of an estimated $12 billion is in lost productivity in Africa annually.

Consider that just one $12, long-lasting, insecticide-treated net can save three lives from suffering and death that comes from malaria transmitted by a mosquito’s bite. That $12 buys not only a treated net but the education and follow-up necessary to effectively combat this silent killer. By partner with churches and faith-based groups in remote communities, NetsforLife, a program of Episcopal Relief & Development, trains agents to deliver the nets, educate community members about how to properly use and maintain the nets and to monitor and evaluate met use.

Since 2008, NetsforLife has delivered more than two million nets across 17 countries in sub-Saharan Africa. The goal of the Inspiration Fund is to work at the grassroots level within the Episcopal community to help NetsforLife to deliver on its promise to distribute seven million nets across the continent of Africa over the next three years.

To learn about NetsforLife and the Inspiration Fund, visit