Month: October 2011

I am very impressed that Pittsboro General store Cafe went the extra step

I would like everyone to know that, after reporting the service problems we had encountered (and yes, to the person who said all of us were complaining in the wrong arena, I did say something to the hostess), we were contacted directly by a person invo…

Shagging at the Pittsboro General Store

It is sad to read all these negative and probably true comments about the Pittsboro General Store Cafe. I’m past president of the Chatham Area Shag Association and we’ve had our monthly meetings there since 2009.

My take on the Pittsboro General Store Cafe

My family are long-time customers of the Pittsboro General Store Cafe. Yes sometimes the service is slower than we might like, but consider that the management needs to schedule the wait staff based on an unknown number of customers. In order to keep t…