Investing in Pittsboro’s future: Fidelity Bank’s grand opening

By Gene Galin

Pittsboro, NC – The Chatham Chamber of Commerce, along with local officials and community members, gathered on April 30th, 2024, to celebrate the grand opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony of Fidelity Bank’s new office building. With anticipation and excitement in the air, the event marked a significant milestone for both Fidelity Bank and the community of Pittsboro.

A Symbol of Investment and Growth

The ribbon-cutting ceremony symbolized not only the opening of a new bank branch but also progress, growth, and opportunity for Chatham County. As the ribbon was cut, it signified a commitment to shaping a brighter future for the community. The Chatham Chamber of Commerce expressed its gratitude for Fidelity Bank’s ongoing investment in the region, recognizing the bank’s longstanding presence and contributions to the local economy.

Local Support and Recognition

Kyle Shipp, the mayor of Pittsboro, welcomed attendees and highlighted the significance of Fidelity Bank’s expansion in the town. He emphasized the importance of supporting both new and existing businesses, reflecting the town’s commitment to fostering economic development and prosperity.

Michael Smith, representing the Chatham Economic Development Corporation, commended Fidelity Bank for its century-long presence in the region and its decision to establish a new facility in Pittsboro. He emphasized the positive impact of the bank’s investment on the local community and praised the collaborative efforts that made the project possible.

Acknowledging the Team Behind the Success

Katie Walker, the market executive of Fidelity Bank in Pittsboro, expressed gratitude to the dedicated team responsible for the bank’s operations. She introduced key members of the Fidelity Bank team, including John Perry, the area executive, Tony Cash, the mortgage loan officer, and Teresa Barell, the branch manager, among others. Walker highlighted the team’s commitment to serving the community and their involvement in various local organizations.

David Royal, the chief banking officer of Fidelity Bank, was also recognized for his role in making the new office a reality. His leadership and vision were instrumental in expanding Fidelity Bank’s presence in Pittsboro and strengthening its commitment to the community.

A Community United

The grand opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony of Fidelity Bank’s new office in Pittsboro represented more than just the opening of a new branch—it symbolized a commitment to growth, investment, and community partnership. As local officials, business leaders, and residents gathered to celebrate this milestone, they reaffirmed their dedication to shaping a brighter future for Chatham County. With Fidelity Bank’s continued presence and support, the community looks forward to embracing new opportunities and achieving shared success.

“Today’s ceremony marks not only the opening of a new bank branch but also a symbol of progress and opportunity for our community. We are grateful for Fidelity Bank’s ongoing investment and commitment to Chatham County.” – Chatham Chamber of Commerce