Chatham County split: A solution to disenfranchisement?

By Mark Stinson

Silk Hope, NC – A recent Chatham Chatlist post was made about Chatham County being split into two Congressional districts. So? I’m all for it .

We the people of west Chatham are disenfranchised by the blue mob running the county. We don’t even have a commissioner. The one voted in was put in office by the democratic party strongly in place in the northeast corner of Chatham. Our vote doesn’t matter one bit.  No candidate we could try to put in office will ever get voted in as long as Chatham is unified with the north east corner that has the bulk of the blue population for the County all tucked into massive developments. 

2022 Chatham County Board of Commissioners District 5 Election Results

I’m all for splitting the county into two districts. In fact, lets just split it into two counties and let the northeast have their perfect utopia without the rest of westerners interfering.

We don’t have a voice and we don’t matter. The commissioner put in place for our part of the county is nothing more than a post turtle in my opinion. He’s done absolutely nothing for us. He votes in line with the other pundits and is rarely seen anywhere in this part of the county.

I find it interesting that the Democrats will play dirty to get their way and everything is hunky dory but let the other party try to level the playing field and its all out war. I was a lifelong Democrat. I went unaffiliated. Both parties suck, one is full of socialist extremists and the other is full of far right extremists who can’t make up their mind. 

We the people or at least this person is fed the hell up with all of it.