Letter to the Editor: Clarification of proposed project at Northwood High School

By Superintendent Dr. Anthony Jackson

Pittsboro, NC – Recent false information has been circulating in the community about a proposed project at one of our high schools that I would like to clarify.

• The land adjacent to Northwood High School where a Lowes Food, Zaxby’s and car wash are being built is not owned by Chatham County Schools; it is owned by Chatham Park investors.
• Recently, Chatham Park approached Chatham County Schools with a proposal to build athletic amenities on the school system’s property at Northwood High School. Chatham County Schools staff delivered the proposal to the Board of Education so the board could review it and determine if they wanted to continue
the conversation.
• There seems to be some confusion related to the current area being cleared near the front of the school. The land cleared near Northwood, again, is not school property and is unrelated to the proposal Chatham Park brought to the district.
• THE BOARD OF EDUCATION HAS TAKEN NO ACTION on the proposal. There are no imminent plans to move forward at this time. The first steps in this process or with any other such proposal is to inform our board and seek direction on whether members want to move forward or no. In addition, please know that
prior to moving forward with any project of this magnitude, engagement and dialogue with town officials, community partners, school stakeholders and other supporters would be both essential and necessary.

We appreciate the concerns that have been raised and brought to the attention of the Board of Education and staff on this important issue related to potential environmental and program impacts that such a proposal might have and felt it was important to make sure our families and community members had accurate information.