Pittsboro pyramid scheme

By NA Nabooko

Pittsboro, NC – At my age I shouldn’t even be thinking about such elaborate schemes. I mean i have always dreamed big, (should that be dreamt?) but is this one just too complicated to realistically consider? But I am well on my way to laying the foundation.

The pandemic is the root of the idea. Build a full size pyramid in Pittsboro? Here’s how It would work; the shortage of toilet paper, paper towel and facial tissues cause me and hundreds of others to buy more than we needed and horde. I like many others, bought more than I could use – and when I used up a box of facial tissues, I didn’t throw the box away. Surely I would find a use them. Now after a year, it has dawned upon me that just maybe others have saved those empty boxes.

Midland, Michigan – Members of Bullock Creek High’s robotics team have used 27,434 toilet paper rolls to make a 16 feet-tall pyramid, which sets the world record for the tallest toilet roll pyramid, according to the WORLD RECORD ACADEMY. (1.7.20)

The boxes are just about the size of a common brick. If filled with our abundant red clay/mud, it would make a magnificent brick. If everyone would save their empty tissue boxes and fill them with red mud, soon we would have enough bricks to build a sizable pyramid to resemble those iconic ones in Egypt. (Responsible dedicated artisans would need to be sent to Egypt to actually measure and document)There would be no need to remove the original cardboard box covering on our bricks ! Over time, the decomposition of those paper fibers would discolor, attract interesting fungi, seeds, etc and eventually present our pyramid with a beautiful natural exterior.

Of course the location of this tourist magnet would need to be located in an area similar Egypt or the desert. I can think several locations. But the thing is, it would be OUR Chatham pyramid! Thousands of interested parties have asked me as to what we would put inside this time capsule-like pyramid? A few things come to mind – What about our Fears and concerns about the pandemic, our fears of war, natural disasters and any and all seeds of discrimination, hate and brutality.

For those eyeing futuristic monumental tissue box installations, don’t go pushing me to consider the Sphinx. It is way too complicated and far fetched.