Chatham small business introductions: A-F

Compiled by Gene Galin

Pittsboro, NC – Every December, the Chatham Chatlist has members submit their Chathamcentric small business introductions to the listserv. The submitals are posted throughout the week per alphabetic groups. This year we decided to compile them and post them to the Chatham Journal newspaper website.

If your business is based outside of Chatham County, isn’t it time you decided to move your business to Chatham County, NC?

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180Contracting, LLC

Hi, I’m Mike Granger with 180Contracting, LLC based in Pittsboro. 180Contracting, LLC is a Home Services/Repair Company. I have been performing this type of work for 25+ years now. I’m a Licensed General Contractor and a Licensed NC Home Inspector, although right now I’m focused on using my General Contractor’s license primarily. 

Examples of my strengths are remodel jobs, whole house painting, plumbing repairs, punch lists, decks, etc..

For the quickest response you can text me at 919-522-7354 or email at .  You are also welcome to call and/or leave a voicemail, but I tend not to be able to sit down and listen till after the workday is done. I look forward to helping you with any future projects or repairs you have.

Carolina Cypress Furniture

I would like to introduce my small business. I make Cypress wood furniture, all handmade original  Adirondack style chairs, swings, gliders, tables, and benches.  Our website is

I started this business as a hobby over 30 years ago when I lived in Cary. I bought a farm in Chatham County 24 years ago which gave me the opportunity to expand my woodworking business. I display my furniture at various craft shows – Cary’s Spring Daze, Lazy Daze, and Apex Peak Festival. I also have expanded to add cutting boards and Lazy Susan’s  made of oak and walnut.  I have many repeat customers over the years.  Based on the growth in this area, it is a great opportunity for me to offer quality outdoor furniture, reasonably priced, and made locally in Siler City. Please visit my website for pictures and pricing.

I look forward to helping you out.
Don Mutch
phone: (919) 742-1146

Collins Mountain Grading

I am Mike Resnik, and I write to introduce my business, Collins Mountain Grading. But first I want to thank Gene for the Chatlist and for providing small businesses this opportunity.

Collins Mountain Grading specializes in small jobs usually taking less than a day or two. Much of our work consists in constructing, grading, and repairing gravel driveways. We have also moved large rocks and boulders, spread dirt, mulch, and gravel, cleared and graded small plots of land for building sites and gardens, and have done the “final grading” for buildings under construction. I usually work alone and try to avoid jobs requiring significant handwork.

Most of the work is done with a skid steer, a medium sized New Holland with wheels and over the tire steel tracks weighing about 7500 lbs. and powered by a 57-horsepower diesel engine. With the tracks, weight and power it can function as a small “bulldozer”. It also has a number of attachments including a clam-shell bucket, a forklift and a brush grapple. A farm tractor is sometimes used for grading longer roads and driveways. When needed, another operator with bigger equipment joins in the work. Other contractors with large dump trucks deliver the gravel or dirt required.

For 39 years I was a philosophy professor at UNC-Chapel Hill, specializing in Logic and Philosophy of Mathematics. I retired formally in June of 2006, but still retain some ties with UNC and academic philosophy. My wife, Janet, whose pottery you may know, and I have lived on our farm on Collins Mountain Road in Chatham County since 1967. We have been busy clearing pastures, building barns, studios and rental houses, and raising horses and timber ever since. Janet gave me my first “bobcat” as an anniversary present. I learned to use it on our farm by clearing pasture land, digging two small ponds, building a three quarter mile road to our children’s house sites, and then clearing and landscaping their lots, and excavating their basements. My business was born when our son, Dmitri, suggested that I “stop pushing over OUR trees and go push over somebody else’s.”

I am in this business because I enjoy the challenges it provides. I can promise you that if you call or email me, I will respond quickly and that I will dedicate myself to doing a good job.

Telephone: 919-929-3324
Web site:

Fortress Security Consulting & Investigations

Hello fellow Chatham Chatlist community.  My name is Frank Alvilhiera and I am the owner of Fortress Security Consulting & Investigations. I moved to Chatham County in May of 2019 from Massachusetts with my family. I am a retired police chief with over 31 years in law enforcement. I had family live close by and frequently visited the area. We fell in love with what Chatham County has to offer. The people here are extremely friendly and the weather here is terrific. I read every email in this forum and have learned so much about the great people here.

I offer my services to the residents here and hope some will reach out to me. I offer various services as a Private Investigator. There are several different reasons that people hire a PI. Services offered include infidelity investigations, workers compensation fraud cases, missing person’s investigations, corporate theft, child custody/support investigations, criminal investigations and witness statements. Also experienced in executive protection services. I provided service as a law enforcement officer to the public for a long time and continue to want to serve the community.  am available at any time night or day to discuss the issue you may have and will do what I can to assist you.  I look forward to speaking to you if I can help you. My contact number is 919-704-8692 or can be reached via email at   .