Internet fiber being put up on the south side of Hwy 64 west of Pittsboro?

By Mike Peluso

Pittsboro, NC – There are two options for the fiber build you may have noticed being put up on the south side of highway 64 west of Pittsboro.   RTTI is coming over the Rocky River this fall on 902. This is the fiber build that my community and those around me are trying to hook off of if we can get enough interest in our area here in SoPi (South of Pittsboro).

There is also the Conterra owned Chatham network connecting the schools, which could potentially be leveraged to provide fiber service around the county by private sector providers.  Conterra would have to lease space on the network to other providers.  More information is here.

If you’re wondering why the county can’t just build a network, and provide the people the service they need, it’s because that has been made illegal. NPR tells the story better than I can why this is the case.

The legislation was clearly a huge error and caused great harm to rural counties.  There is a potential fix that’s supported by Republicans and Democrats. Unfortunately in our currently challenged political environment, as I understand it, the revised bill isn’t being allowed to be voted on by leadership in the NC house/senate so it’s dead until the elected leaders determine that they want to vote on it.

For the SoPi communities part, we have given up on legislative or county fixes, and thrown our hat in with RTTI now that they are crossing the Rocky. We’ve been working separately and are just now starting to work together to get enough sign ups to make a build out this way a no brainer for RTTI.

Let me know if you have more questions.