Downtown Siler City to see a boost in economic development and revitalization

Siler City, NC – Siler City will soon see a boost in economic development and revitalization to its historic downtown—all thanks to Wren Family Estate, LLC. On October 5, the fourth generation and family-owned real estate holding and development company will begin construction for three historic properties in downtown Siler City: 109 N. Chatham Ave., 114-116 N. Raleigh St., and 121 N. Chatham Ave.

Artist rendering of the future 121 North Chatham Ave in downtown Siler City

Wren Farrar, the name behind these redevelopment projects, has deep roots in this community, going back to 1910 when great grandfather, L.L. Wren opened the Siler City Mills, a feed mill for chickens, livestock, and pets. Like Farrar, L.L. Wren was also an avid real estate developer and was responsible for the construction of several properties in downtown. Feeling a deep connection to his great grandfather and this town, Farrar has a plan to transform these desolate properties and create spaces that deliver enduring value to both occupants and residents of Siler City.

These properties are a part of Wren Family Estate’s latest revitalization effort, Wren Corner Properties, and will be transformed into apartments with multiple one-bedroom units. Two of these building will hold only apartments, while one of the buildings will have four one-bedroom units upstairs with a shell space on the first floor for potential restaurant or storefront use. All apartment units will be a spacious 1,000 square feet, with large bathrooms and storage, high ceilings, and an industrial chic design style.

Wren Family Estate selected MHAworks, one of the largest architectural firms in North Carolina and a leader in historic renovation, as the designer for these projects along with CT Wilson, a family-owned general contractor known for their proficiency in historic redevelopment.

“We knew we wanted this space to be adaptable to consider the future needs of Siler City,” said Toma Rogers, Senior Architect with MHAworks. “The purpose of this renovation is to create a residential space for people to live in. Once the people are here, Wren Family Estate will take the next steps to develop additional spaces for restaurants, storefronts, breweries, and a rooftop bar.” said Rogers.

Over the next few years with these properties and a few others, Wren Family Estate plans to bring in people and businesses to help make Siler City an exceptional southern town for people to work, live, and play.