A serving of baloney

By N.A. Booko

Pittsboro, NC – If you guessed I was going to begin “When I was a child;” it seems lately a lot of my Chatham Chatlist pieces begin with something similar. Well, I’m doing just that. Again!

When I was a child, we, my family, had a serving of baloney at least twice a week. I guess it was because we were on the low end of the up-town crowd, but it just seemed we had it way too frequently. Most of the time, it was quick fried and ended up with that huge raised middle that made it fun for kids to cut. Sometimes maybe on a Sunday evening we would have baloney sandwiches; with mustard of course. More of a sophisticated gourmet feeling.

Somewhere along the line, I just decided I didn’t like baloney and stopped eating it.  Can’t say I have had it in decades. But, just recently…

It seems that everyday we have a bunch of baloney thrown at us thru the media, word of mouth. Truths, half-truths and even outright lies. One never knows what to believe. If you believe half of it, you also believe the world is going to hell with no chance to survive. If you choose to bite and believe all the baloney; then you are in worse trouble than you ever wanted to be. Believe none of it, think you are happy, in the end you are knee deep in uncertainty.

For those that really like all that baloney; there is plenty of it out there. Just waiting to fill your gullet. Nailing down ‘facts’ are a little harder. Seems the shelves are almost always empty of facts or allowing only one per customer.  (And most of those should be sanitized)

PS – And if it comes to just one serving of baloney; thank  goodness I’m vegetarian.

How to make a fried baloney sandwich (This is not NA Booko cooking)