Staying home and keeping safe

By N.A. Booko

Pittsboro, NC – Staying home and keeping to myself hasn’t been too hard on me. It is almost the norm. But trying to keep enough supplies, especially fresh food is not so easy.

photo by Enrico Mantegazza

Right now, I have so much stuff in my refrigerator I can’t find anything easily. I end up down on my knees taking a lot of stuff out to see see where the item I need is lurking. Things fall on the floor. I find things spoiled. Some looks nothing like something I would have bought. Why did I buy so much of that item? What color is the sugar bag? Why are there eggs in there? I haven’t eaten eggs since December. How many jars of jelly and jam does one person need? Twenty avocados? Do I really need that many?

I have bought pasta and canned goods and am way too slow at putting them hot on the table. Milk and similar cartons take up a lot of room and don’t last so long. I froze some soy milk and didn’t like the thawed result. I try to always have blueberries on hand but hate it when they spill on the floor and go rolling everywhere. I’m sure there must be 653 mummified blueberries under the refrigerator. I am not about to look.

Bread seems to keep well until you have decided that it keeps well and it is blue molded when you decide to use it. I found a little cup of commercial chocolate pudding yesterday and thought “how grand”- It will be a little treat, since I stopped eating that junk several months ago. Oh, my! That pudding doesn’t hold up at all; it separates liquid from mass and it is a mess. To the compost pile with that.

Onions! The wondrous and magical food I love. They just last and last; that is until one rots and spoils the lot.

I am so glad I have a smaller refrigerator. I can only imagine the problems with overstocking one of the very large ones.

No, I don’t have an ice maker. Don’t you just feel sooooo sorry for me?