My inner thoughts on whatever it is

by N.A. Booko

Siler City, NC – I should know better than to put inner thoughts into print. I have learned the hard way that thoughts and statements can be misinterpreted, twisted, misquoted and used as a personal harpoon. They can rear up and kick you in the face and they can be fodder for those that want to make you look bad or like a fool.

photo by pixpoetry

“They” say it is a virus. Some say it is not. Some say it will go away November 2nd. Some say nothing – they are dead. The dead ones probably believed it was a virus before they died. Some say wearing a mask can save your life and save others. Then there are those that say it is their ‘right’ not to wear a mask – Maybe it is – but is it their right to put others at risk? Do those that don’t wear masks and ‘know’ that there is not really a virus, know more than those professionals in charge of our lives?

I have worn a mask right from the beginning – early March. Over the months I have seen thousands of people not wearing masks. That has changed somewhat during the past few months. I am still alarmed at the number of young adults not wearing masks. All the stories about youth not being hit with the virus just don’t seem to be true. True maybe that it hasn’t hit them hard enough to show. Young strong bodies do seem to have an advantage.

I will be 85 in January. I want to see that day. See that day with healthy eyes and healthy body. I am doing everything within my power to stay healthy. Masks, safe distance. Staying home. But it just seems that now is not enough. From all I read and hear, the virus is increasing at an alarming rate. Now I have even heard from experts, that we should wear masks in our homes.

There has not a lot been said about animals getting the virus and transmitting it. But I wonder if we are being told enough about that? I first heard about tigers at the Bronx Zoo getting it. Just in the pass few days I read about thousands of mink being put to death somewhere abroad, because the virus had been detected.

I have not heard that the virus can travel in water. Why not? Seems moisture nurtures it. If that is true, that it is a hopeless situation.

i just can’t understand how the world can survive the virus. And parts of it haven’t. Some of the most famous businesses have closed their doors. Lack of sales is the answer.

Virus not real? I spent several years in and out of Times Square in New York City. It is one of the world’s busiest places. When Times Square is a ghost town and corpses are being stacked in refrigerated trucks, I am convinced there is a virus – a deadly virus.

There seems to be no answers to anything. One can’t get sick with anything else without fear of getting the virus when being treated. I had a semi-annual dental appointment in June for a cleaning, and at the last minute, I canceled it. I felt the risk was greater than the treatment. Maybe I was wrong. I don’t know. I was afraid to go to the doctor’s office to get blood pressure prescriptions. Finally made arrangements over the phone. Now I think maybe I will be charged for a visit, for just a call.

I also think it is possible for a perfectly healthy person to get sick from worrying about the virus.

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away- Others say- An onion a day keeps everybody away . . . Not even going to discuss garlic . . .