10 years in Pittsboro and 10 favorite things about Chatham County

by Kathy Zinn

Pittsboro, NC – We moved to Pittsboro town ten years ago on October 9, to be near our grandkids. We love it here, and I want to share ten favorite things about Pittsboro and Chatham County,  (in addition to my family!!)

  1. The diversity of people – I have not known before, as many people who look different from me and have different ideas and traditions! I love getting to know them!

    2. The Library – I could go on and on about,  not only our Library, but the people who work there and the volunteer there.  In addition, it is a beautiful  building to look at and to be inside of – my favorite spot in Pittsboro.

    3. Our beautiful Historic Courthouse,  all the more precious for almost having been burnt down (we were here then, in 2010 – a frightening event . ( I never imagined it would be brought back to life so beautifully!).  It was made all the more special to me when the Historical Society presented Diane Faison, an interpreter of Harriet Tubman, in the main courtroom, recently.

    4. Great coffee shops and gathering spaces – especially our wonderful Phoenix Bakery and its cafe.

    5. Many and diverse restaurants – I particularly love the Small B & B for brunch!

    6.  The Carolina Tiger Rescue –  We are so proud to take visitors  there – a TRUE animal Sanctuary!

    7. Delightful shops of many types – we have our own Circle City Bookstore, and the wonderful Art Gallery and shop, the Joyful  Jewel among many others – (I MUST include the Chatham Market, here!)

    8. Our parks!  Our grandkids especially enjoy what they call “The Climbing Park” – the Mary Hayes Barber Holmes  Park in Powell Place.  I also like to sit there by myself, just reading a book and drinking coffee!

    9. The beautiful countryside of the county – especially Our Haw River

    10.  Last but far from least – The Chatham Chatlist, which informs, delights, infuriates and connects us – sometimes all in the same day! Thanks, Gene!

    “Ten Favorite Things” was far to short a list!  I’ll have to share more later – or better yet, maybe others will!!