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Chatham County monitors fuel supply and conserves usage

Pittsboro, NC – Chatham County government is carefully monitoring its fuel supply and conserving usage among non-essential vehicles amid the Colonial Pipeline system disruption. Chatham County Emergency Management, the Chatham County Manager’s Office, Chatham County Schools, and the Chatham County…

Gas prices may increase as some states re-open

Charlotte, NC – Pump price averages in the Southeast are two to three cents cheaper, but with healthy stock levels and the bulk of states in the region with partial reopening underway, motorists could see gas prices start to increase…

Chatham’s AAA bond rating puts county in select group

The week of October 14 brought great news for Chatham County from the two major bond rating agencies announcing upgraded bond ratings, including the highest rating of AAA from Standard and Poor’s. The higher ratings mean lower interest rates for bonds on projects like the new Agriculture & Conference Center. The good news also means that Chatham is in the select company of a few much larger counties. Only eight other much larger counties in the state and 89 counties in the entire nation had earned a AAA rating from Standard and Poor’s, as of 2013 Census reports.

Video of AAA rating news