Month: August 2013

Chatham sheriff’s office seeks help identifying WalMart larceny suspects

The Chatham County Sheriff’s Office requests your assistance in indentifying three individuals believed to be involved with two larcenies at the WalMart located on US 15-501 at the Chatham County/Orange County line.

Special interest groups ignore education

There are some dishonest but powerful special interests in Raleigh who are forgetting what our public schools are all about. Instead of focusing on the kids, they’re focusing on one thing: money for their union members.

Hoodwinking education — Lies continue

With a wink and a nod, the left-wing media continues to help push the deceptive agenda of the teachers union (NCAE) in the Tar Heel State. It is readily apparent that neither the NCAE nor the media support real educational reform in North Carolina. The…

So you think you can cook?

Here’s your opportunity to show off what you know. Since Bella Donna’s is closed Sunday evenings, we are offering our kitchen to chefs (novice and professional) to come in and strut your stuff.

Peak-season soil-test fee coming this fall

The 2013 Appropriations Act passed by the General Assembly approved a $4 fee for soil samples analyzed by the N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services for the period from December through March. The fee is an attempt to lessen the backlog associated with the busy season when the lab is routinely inundated with tens of thousands of samples. The rest of the year — April through November — NCDA&CS will continue to analyze soil samples without a fee.

Five great financial freebies

There are free financial products and services to be had, but consumers may have to shell out money to get some of them. The September 2013 issue of ShopSmart magazine, from Consumer Reports, features an up-close look at five truly free financial produ…

The top 665 taxpayers in Chatham County

Based on the information from the Chatham County tax office, here are the top 665 taxpayers in Chatham County for 2012. These numbers represent the amounts billed and not necessarily the amounts collected.