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What are NC teachers teaching? We have no idea

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By Dr. Terry Stoops Raleigh, NC – One of the most peculiar aspects of education in North Carolina is that we know the number of wireless access points per classroom but know very little about what’s taught inside of it. …

School ­­­choice during the COVID-19 pandemic

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By Dr. Terry Stoops Raleigh, NC – There’s always been overwhelming support for programs offering school choice opportunities for disadvantaged and special-needs children assigned to underperforming or unsafe public schools. Modest investments in school choice programs can improve the short-term…

Why teachers leave N.C.

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By Dr. Terry Stoops Raleigh, NC – Ideally, those who want to improve teacher recruitment and retention in North Carolina would have sufficient information about why teachers choose to leave our public schools to teach in another state. Existing separation…