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Chatham County News Tweets: 12.19.22 – 12.25.22

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Old house inspires a Chatham Christmas tradition

By Doris Snipes Pittsboro, NC – According to Strowd family tradition, the 1830s house shown here was the home of John Snipes Strowd (1809-1891). It was occupied and added to by generations of Strowds until the 20th century, when it…

North Carolina farms host Christmas holiday and winter events

Christmas Tree Farm Photo by Julianna Arjes

Raleigh, NC – The Christmas holiday season offers great opportunities to explore agritourism activities on farms and across North Carolina. Visitors will find plenty of outdoor experiences from tours, trails, farmers markets, farm stands, Christmas holiday festivals and special events.…

My annual Christmas letter

person in black long sleeve shirt writing on black board

By N.A. Booko Pittsboro, NC – That is a good thought, but I can’t ever recall writing an annual Christmas letter to the Chatham Chatlist. Let’s just call it a traditional first try. I haven’t the faintest idea where it…

A Christmas message from the Healthy Skeptic

black father playing piano with little daughter on Christmas

By Kevin Roche I attempt to be straightforward, pretty blunt at times. Here is my Christmas advice:  if you are a Minnesotan or a resident of any other state with similar stupid orders, ignore them.  At this point it should…

Christmas gifts aren’t wasteful

girl eating cupcake while sitting beside woman in blue denim distressed jeans for Christmas

By John Hood Raleigh, NC – Among the pagan-inspired customs of the Christmas season, there has come to be the ritualistic burning of the straw man. Specifically, I refer to the traditional seasonal column by a sly journalist or political…