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How factually challenged are Pittsboro Matters and mayor Bill Terry?

Bill Terry

By Samantha Capitol Pittsboro, NC – I read the lengthy information Gene Galin posted the other day on the Chatham Chatlist about Pittsboro Matters. There was a reference to Mayor Terry’s letter in the material that was published in Chapel…

Hottest Chatham Online bulletin board topics – Week of August 10, 2015

Chatham Park

Pittsboro, NC – Here are the hottest Chatham Online bulletin board topics from last week. 1. Randy Voller’s candidate, Casey Mann, announces for Pittsboro Town Council  (Read 5430 times) at http://chatham-county-nc.com/bulletinboard/index.php/topic,32748.0.html 2. Pittsboro Matters sees Pittsboro Election As a Referendum…

Pittsboro Matters misbehaving in the civic arena

Chatham Coalition leader Jeff Starkweather

by Virginia Penley Pittsboro, NC – On Monday night I attended the Pittsboro Town Board meeting and on Tuesday night I attended the Main Street update for the downtown at the Roadhouse. The agenda on Monday included a public hearing…