Black Tie and Tails Ball for the big cats

It’s the big night for big cats. Immerse yourself in the color and culture of South Africa when you join Carolina Tiger Rescue at our fourth annual gala fundraiser benefiting the eighty wild cats in our care. The Black Tie & Tails Ball will take place …

Credit card theft in Chatham County?

Sunday, to my shock, I looked at my bank account online and discovered there were at least five hundred dollars worth of goods charged to my debit card that I had not bought nor authorized. Most of the buying was done in England as far as I could tell….

Chatham commissioners provide direction on nonprofit grants

On December 13, the Chatham County Board of Commissioners provided direction to the management team on the county’s nonprofits grant program, which served 34,000 residents last year. The board set the funding level at $400,000, close to a half-cent o…

LEED certification – More hype than substance

LEED Certification is often promoted as being about energy efficiency. Despite a substantial additional cost many critics claim it doesn’t deliver and is more hype than substance. One area where Chatham County has spent a lot of money in recent years