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One on One: Finding our way out of a locked bathroom

Keep women safe

by D.G. Martin Chapel Hill, NC – What can we do about House Bill 2? Polls show North Carolinians divided about the new law. Answers to polling questions depend upon how the questions are asked. Most North Carolinians, even supporters…

One on One: Lee Smith’s best story yet

Dimestore: A Writer’s Life

by D.G. Martin Chapel Hill, NC – Lee Smith’s upcoming book, “Dimestore: A Writer’s Life,” tells her best story yet. After publishing 13 novels and numerous short stories that have won for her a passionately loyal group of fans and…

One On One: Remembering our own Christmas ghosts

Santa Claus

By D.G. Martin Chapel Hill, NC – I am haunted by the ghosts of Christmas past. And they are good ghosts. Mostly. These ghosts are memories that come back each season. Some are wrapped around Santa Claus. Others are centered…