From burgers to wings: 3 Guys from Pittsboro having lunch at Boneyard Restaurant

By Gene Galin

Siler City, NC – On a sunny Friday afternoon, the “three guys from Pittsboro having lunch”, Greg Stafford, Eric Andrews and I embarked on a gastronomic adventure at the Boneyard restaurant in Siler City. Our lively discussion touched on the evolving food scene in Siler City, and the entrepreneurial spirit of the town.

The Boneyard restaurant, adjacent to Thirsty Skull Brewing, is becoming a beloved spot in Siler City. Known for its vibrant atmosphere and diverse menu, it attracts both locals and visitors. Owned by a man known simply as “Slim” to our own Greg Stafford, the Boneyard offers an array of delicious dishes, from classic burgers to garlic cheese curds, which have earned a reputation for their unique flavors.

We were eager to try the renowned garlic cheese curds, and were disappointed to find out that the truck that delivered them was absent that day. Nevertheless, we proceeded to explore other menu options. Classic burgers, brisket burgers, and a variety of chicken wings were ordered, each dish discussed in detail.

The Menu: A Blend of Tradition and Innovation

Our conversation revealed our appreciation for the Boneyard’s menu. The classic burger with cheddar and onion rings was a popular choice, showcasing the restaurant’s commitment to quality and tradition. The 20-wing platter with four different sauces, including medium, mango habanero, teriyaki, and Carolina gold, highlighted the innovative and diverse culinary offerings.

As we waited for their food, we discussed our expectations and preferences. Eric Andrews, in particular, expressed his love for onion rings and his mission to rank them across Chatham County. Greg and I tried to dissuade him from trying to do this.

A Glimpse into Local Life: Personal Stories and Community Ties

Beyond the food, our conversation delved into what was going on in the local community. We mentioned an upcoming wedding between two prominent local families, the Stubbs and the Snipes, humorously describing it as “more popular than the royal wedding.” I think this light-hearted remark underscored the close-knit nature of the community and the significance of local events.

Nick Dakas, our guest at lunch, shared his entrepreneurial journey, revealing how he became involved in Siler City. His story began with a move from Chapel Hill to Siler City, where he initially struggled with the long commute to his previous job. However, this challenge turned into an opportunity when he discovered affordable warehouse space in Siler City, allowing him to expand his coffee-related business.

Entrepreneurial Spirit: Nick’s Journey in the Coffee Industry

Nick’s venture into the coffee industry exemplifies the entrepreneurial spirit that thrives in small towns like Siler City. Starting with selling and servicing espresso machines, Nick’s business quickly grew, driven by a mix of dedication, opportunity, and community support. His journey began with a chance encounter in Seattle, where he received training on coffee equipment and seized the opportunity to work with McDonald’s during their major coffee initiative.

The business expanded rapidly, from a one-man operation to a company with 25 employees and numerous technicians. Nick’s success story reflects the potential for growth and innovation in small towns, fueled by hard work and the willingness to embrace new opportunities.

Challenges and Triumphs: Navigating Business and Community Life

Our conversation also touched on the challenges faced by local businesses, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite these difficulties, Nick’s business managed to thrive, adapting to changing circumstances. The discussion highlighted the importance of community ties and the role of local businesses in fostering a sense of belonging.

A Taste of Siler City: Food, Friendship, and Community

As the food arrived, we eagerly dug in, each dish sparking further conversation and laughter. The classic burger with cheddar, onion rings, and fries received good reviews, while the 20-wing platter with various sauces became a highlight of the meal.

Our “Three Guys from Pittsboro having lunch” meal at the Boneyard not only satisfied our taste buds but also provided a platform for sharing stories, discussing local events, and celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit of Siler City. I hope our conversation painted a picture of small-town life, where food, friendship, and community are deeply intertwined.

A Slice of Life in Siler City

The Boneyard, with its diverse menu and vibrant atmosphere, serves as a testament to the evolving food scene in Siler City, while Nick’s entrepreneurial journey highlights the potential for growth and innovation in small towns.

Meanwhile, we “three guys from Pittsboro” take every one of our lunches as an opportunity to connect, share, and celebrate the unique character of our community. Not yet sure where we’re going for lunch in July.

Watch on YouTube – 3 Guys from Pittsboro having lunch at the Boneyard restaurant – 6.21.24

00:14 Three friends enjoying lunch at the Boneyard restaurant

  • The restaurant is located in Siler City near Thirsty Skull Brewing.
  • They are ordering classic burgers, chicken wings, and onion rings from the menu.

02:45 Comparing and ranking onion rings in Chatham County

  • Discussing options like sweet potato fries
  • Not being able to order due to items being sold out

04:58 Discussion about a upcoming wedding in Chatham County

  • The wedding is between two prominent families – Snipes and Stubbs
  • The event is humorously compared to the royal wedding and involves a mix of HVAC and barbecue money

07:10 Enjoying food and making plans for future locations.

  • Discussing food items like pickle fries and queso and expressing satisfaction.
  • Talking about future plans and inviting someone for arm wrestling challenge.

09:02 Nick’s entrepreneurial success and transition to Siler City

  • Nick’s entrepreneurial journey and success in creating his own business.
  • Wolfspeed’s impact on Siler City and the challenges Nick initially faced.

10:56 Importance of having a simple ZIP code for business transactions

  • The speaker highlights how having a simple ZIP code has made all business transactions easier over the years.
  • The speaker emphasizes the convenience and ease of managing business operations with a straightforward ZIP code.

12:22 Transition from working on machinery to starting a business in equipment

  • Started by getting training at McDonald’s and eventually set up a machine in Fayetteville
  • Business expanded rapidly, from two people to multiple technicians and employees

13:52 Quality and style difference between lower and higher-end coffee machines

  • Distinguishing features in a 40k coffee machine include consistency, better quality, and unique design.
  • Analogy drawn between coffee machines and cars to explain the difference in style and functionality.