3 Guys from Pittsboro having lunch at The Boneyard where Slim serves up comfort food

Siler City, NC – Last Friday, the “3 Guys from Pittsboro having lunch” stopped in for a meal at a restaurant in Siler City. The Boneyard, a burgeoning eatery with a unique charm, is the brainchild of Derick M. Farrar, aka “Slim,” a former telephone lineman turned restaurateur. Eric Andrews, Greg Stafford and I were fortunate to have Big Slim sit down with us and share some laughs, memories, and insights into his culinary journey. Our conversation unfolded after we had polished off a spread of burgers and wings, along with sides of french fries, onion rings and fried okra.

A Place with Roots: Slim’s Journey to The Boneyard

Slim’s path to opening The Boneyard is as rich and flavorful as the dishes he serves. Slim’s culinary inspiration stems from family traditions and a deep-rooted connection to his community. “This place is really a dedication to my father and grandfather,” Slim shared, pointing to the photos adorning the wall. His grandfather, Frank, a well-known local figure who sold produce by the old white church in Pittsboro, and his late father, who passed away over a decade ago, are the cornerstones of Slim’s motivation.

“Granddaddy doesn’t get out much these days, but I’m saving a special day for him to come by for our grand opening,” Slim said with a smile, hinting at the emotional significance of this milestone.

From Lineman to Pitmaster: A Career Shift

Before diving into the restaurant business, Slim spent 22 years as a lineman for AT&T, working out of Raleigh and facing the demanding challenges of the job, especially during hurricane seasons. “It’s a tough job, especially when you’re out of town for months after a storm,” Slim recounted. His transition from lineman to business owner came unexpectedly while he was enjoying a drink at a local Thirsty Skull brewery. “I was hungry, and a friend suggested I open a place here. It was one of those spur-of-the-moment decisions,” he laughed.

Despite the spontaneity, Slim’s approach to The Boneyard has been anything but haphazard. “I didn’t advertise at first because it was just me cooking,” he explained. “I wanted to ensure we could handle the demand before spreading the word.”

Building a Community Hub

Since opening, The Boneyard has quickly become a favorite among locals, particularly during the lunch rush. “For the past month, Fridays have been packed until 2 or 3 pm,” Slim noted. The restaurant’s proximity to the Thirsty Skull, a local brewery, has also helped draw in crowds. Patrons often enjoy a drink next door and bring their meals over, creating a seamless blend of local dining and craft brewing.

“We’ve seen a lot of folks from both Pittsboro and Siler City,” Slim said. “It’s great to see people enjoying what we’ve created here.”

Challenges and Triumphs: The Reality of Running a Restaurant

Starting a restaurant from scratch is no easy feat, a fact Slim knows all too well. “The restaurant business is totally different from anything I’ve done before,” he admitted. “There were people who offered to help but never followed through, so I had to learn everything on my own.”

Despite the hurdles, Slim’s passion for cooking and his commitment to his community have kept him motivated. “Seeing people enjoy the food I’ve been making for my family for years is the best part,” he said.

What’s on the Menu: Fan Favorites and Local Flavors

The Boneyard’s menu is a testament to Slim’s culinary skills and his knack for understanding what his patrons crave. “Our best sellers are the quarter-pound burger and the brisket burger,” he shared. The brisket burger, in particular, has garnered a loyal following, often selling out quickly. By the time we got to The Boneyard at 1 pm on Friday, they were sold out of the brisket burgers.

Slim’s dedication to quality is evident in his meticulous sourcing of ingredients. “I’m picky about the wings we serve. Sometimes it’s hard to find the right size, but I won’t settle for less,” he emphasized. This commitment to quality is part of what is guaranteed to make The Boneyard a standout in the local dining scene.

Future Plans: Expanding the Vision

With the projected success of The Boneyard, Slim is already thinking about the future. “I’m considering opening another place in Pittsboro,” he revealed. This potential expansion is a testament to Slim’s entrepreneurial spirit.

A Tribute to Family and Community

Throughout our conversation, Slim’s love for his family and his community was a recurring theme. “My mama thought I was crazy when I told her about opening this place,” he recalled. But her support, along with that of his grandfather and the broader Siler City and Pittsboro communities, has been instrumental in his journey.

The Boneyard is more than just a restaurant; it’s a place where history, community, and good food intersect. Slim’s journey from lineman to restaurateur is a testament to the power of following one’s passion and the impact of community and family support. As The Boneyard continues to grow, it is developing into a hub for Chatham County folks to connect, celebrate, and savor the flavors of home.