3 Guys from Pittsboro keeping it cool: Revamping The Mod’s draft system

By Gene Galin

Pittsboro, NC – (Part 3) In the heart of downtown Pittsboro, The Mod is redefining the local dining experience with innovative changes. Taking some time to sit down with us “three guys from Pittsboro having lunch” on Friday afternoon, co-owner Jamie shares insights into the evolving landscape of this establishment, highlighting new initiatives, customer favorites, and the passion that keeps her and her team dedicated to excellence.

Revamping the Draft System: Keeping It Cool and Efficient

One of the most anticipated changes at The Mod is the installation of a new draft system. Jamie explains, “We are installing a long draw glycol-cooled draft system with a walk-in cooler at the back of the building. This upgrade will allow us to serve colder beer faster, enhancing customer satisfaction, especially during peak times.”

This system is a significant improvement over the current setup, where kegs are stored under the counter. The new arrangement promises smoother operations and better storage solutions, ensuring that patrons receive their favorite brews at the optimal temperature. “People want their beer cold, and this system will help us deliver just that,” Jamie adds.

Curating the Perfect Beer Selection

Choosing the right beers to feature on tap is both an art and a science. Jamie balances personal preferences with customer demands and seasonal trends. “We have staples like Bell’s Two Hearted Ale from Michigan, which is always a hit, especially on our $2 Tuesdays,” she notes.

However, variety is key. “We rotate our selections based on what looks good and what our customers are craving. For example, we feature lighter, refreshing options in the summer, like our popular watermelon sour, while offering richer, more robust choices like the raspberry milk stout during the colder months.”

Jamie’s favorite? “Hands down, Heist Brewery’s CitraQuench’l from Charlotte. It’s an IPA that’s incredibly drinkable but packs a punch. Just don’t have too many, or you’ll fall off your bar stool!”

Navigating the Chaos: Behind the Scenes on Busy Nights

Running a busy bar and grill is no small feat, especially during special events. Reflecting on a particularly hectic Sunday, Jamie recounts, “We didn’t anticipate the crowd for our Women in Rock event. The place was packed, but our team handled it like pros. They really killed it.”

The sense of teamwork is palpable. “When we close up shop, it’s all hands on deck for cleaning. Occasionally, we’ll sit down for a drink, but more often than not, everyone is eager to head home and rest,” she explains. These moments also provide an opportunity for unfiltered feedback and bonding with the team.

Craft Cocktails: A Personal Touch

One of Jamie’s passions is craft cocktails, and she’s excited about a new venture to offer these creations on Friday and Saturday nights. “We’ll keep the restaurant bar open late for craft cocktails. It’s an opportunity for me to get creative and for our customers to try something unique in a more relaxed setting.”

Her definition of a craft cocktail? “A finely made martini, a gin gimlet, or a great old-fashioned. I love using fresh herbs and infusions to elevate the drinks. It’s about care and creativity.”

Creating Community: The Heart of The Mod

For Jamie, the most rewarding aspect of running The Mod is the sense of community it fosters. “I love serving people and being part of their day, especially when we can offer a little stress relief with a great meal or drink.”

She acknowledges that the food industry is challenging but finds joy in the connections she makes with patrons and staff alike. “We have a great team right now, and seeing them thrive and our customers happy makes it all worthwhile.”

The Future of The Mod

As The Mod continues to evolve, Andrea remains optimistic about the future. “We’re always looking for new ways to improve and keep things fresh. Whether it’s through our beer selection, craft cocktails, or creating a welcoming atmosphere, our goal is to make The Mod a place where everyone feels at home.”

Watch on YouTube – 3 Guys from Pittsboro having lunch at The Mod (part 3) – 6.13.24

00:13 The love for serving people keeps Jamie in the food industry

  • Despite the challenges, they find the service rewarding and love making others happy with great food and drinks.
  • Installing a new draft system is one of the changes they have in mind for the business.

01:52 Installing long draw glycol cooled draft system to serve colder beer faster.

  • The new system will have a walk-in cooler at the back of the building to store all kegs, allowing for more efficient beer service.
  • Previous experience with ice-cooled beer at another bar demonstrated customer preference for colder beer.

03:24 Discussion on rotating and selecting beers for the brewery

  • Various beers produced by the brewery, including Citro-quential Heist and Another One Teaches Peaches
  • Explanation on rotating beers based on popularity and staple beers like Bill’s Two-Hearted Brewery

04:52 Selection of good breweries and seasonal products

  • Choosing breweries known for consistently good products
  • Consideration of seasonal preferences in beer selection

06:33 Emphasis on excellence within the team

  • Expectation for team members to participate actively and be emotionally present in their job
  • Recognition and appreciation for the hard work of the team during busy events

08:18 Diverse cocktail preferences in Pittsboro

  • Cocktail preferences differ between Pittsboro and Sanford, despite being only 30 miles apart
  • Titos vodka is popular and versatile, appealing to a wide range of people

09:58 Transitioning restaurant bar to craft cocktails on weekends

  • Plans to keep the bar open on Friday and Saturday nights for craft cocktails only
  • Excited to unleash creativity with finely made cocktails and infusions

11:34 Crafting cocktails based on customer’s flavor profile

  • Creating personalized cocktails for customers based on their flavor preferences
  • Encouraging customers to try new drinks by offering them something outside of their usual choices