Three guys from Pittsboro: The evolution of The Mod under new ownership

By Gene Galin

Pittsboro, NC – (PART 2) In the town of Pittsboro, where the past meets the future, Greg Stafford, Eric Andrews and I, aka “3 Guys from Pittsboro,” reflect on community, change, and the joy of small-town life over lunch at The Mod. As Pittsboro continues its transformation, our conversation reveals some of our insights into the heart of a town in flux and the aspirations of its folks.

Embracing Change and Community

The Mod, an eclectic eatery in downtown Pittsboro, has become a symbol of the town’s evolving identity. As Pittsboro continues to grow and change, the commitment to preserving its unique character remains strong. Jamie Goffman, one of the new co-owners, joined us in a casual conversation over lunch. She shared her views of the journey, challenges, and the future of this establishment.

“Happy people,” says Jamie, describing the ideal customer. “That’s what we look for. It doesn’t matter who they are as long as they’re happy.” This sentiment also underscores the essence of the broader SoCo Pittsboro project, an initiative aimed at revitalizing the southern part of the downtown Pittsboro while maintaining its unique charm.

The Appeal of Pittsboro

Jamie, who has lived in Pittsboro for about eight years, was drawn to the town for its small-town, rural atmosphere. “Pittsboro is changing fast, but it still has that quaint feeling that everybody loves,” she explains. The changes include an influx of new residents, many discovering Pittsboro for the first time.

Eric recalls a time when there were zero places to buy a drink in Pittsboro. “Someone told me there are 26 different places to buy a drink now. That’s incredible,” he says. This growth marks a significant shift from Pittsboro’s dry past, reflecting broader changes in the town’s social and economic landscape.

Navigating the Transition

When Jamie and her team took over The Mod, the process involved more than just a change of ownership. It required transferring leases, obtaining a liquor license, and maintaining the essence of what made The Mod special.

“It wasn’t easy, but having a cooperating landlord and respect for the previous owners made it smoother,” says Jamie. “The day our liquor license was approved was a significant milestone for us,”she added. “It allowed us to offer a full experience to our customers, something we were eagerly looking forward to.”

As Pittsboro continues to grow and change, the commitment to preserving its unique character remains strong. With a focus on maintaining the unique charm that patrons love while introducing new elements, the transition of The Mod under new ownership has been a delicate balance of honoring the past and embracing the future.

A Shared Vision

Pittsboro’s charm lies in its blend of tradition and innovation. The Mod offers a unique space where locals and visitors alike can enjoy great food and a sense of community.

The synergy between the landlords, previous owners, and new management at The Mod has been crucial in maintaining its success. “We didn’t want to change everything. We wanted to keep what worked and build on it,” says Jamie.

This collaborative approach has ensured that The Mod remains a vibrant and welcoming space. The respect for what came before and the vision for the future are what make The Mod and Pittsboro thrive.

The Joy of Service

For Jamie, one of the greatest joys is the feedback from satisfied customers. “Every time someone comes in and tells me they had a great meal or a fun night, it brings me joy,” she says.

Bartending, for Jamie, is more than just a job. “Bartending is one of my favorite things to do. It’s about making a cocktail that makes someone say, ‘Wow, this is phenomenal,’” she shares.

Culinary Innovations

One of the significant changes under the new management has been the streamlining of the menu. “We’ve refined our ingredients and focused on quality,” explains Jamie. This approach ensures that The Mod can continue to serve healthy, fresh, and quick meals despite the limited capacity of its kitchen.

The introduction of daily specials and seasonal menu items keeps the offerings fresh and exciting for regular patrons. “People like change, and we want to provide that,” says Jamie.

The Pittsboro Spirit

Pittsboro is a town in transition, but its heart remains unchanged. The Mod, with its welcoming atmosphere and commitment to quality, tries to embody the spirit of Pittsboro—a place where happy people come together, where the past is respected, and the future is embraced with open arms.

Pittsboro’s charm lies in its blend of tradition and innovation. The Mod exemplifies this spirit, offering a unique space where locals and visitors alike can enjoy great food and a sense of community.

Appealing to a Diverse Crowd

One of the challenges and triumphs for The Mod’s new management has been catering to a broad demographic. The owners emphasize their focus on creating a welcoming environment for everyone.

“Happy people, that’s who we’re here for,” they joked. “Whether you’re young or old, local or new to the area, we want you to feel at home here.”

Challenges and Triumphs

Transitioning a business is never easy, and The Mod’s new owners faced their share of hurdles. From transferring leases to securing licenses, every step was a test of their resolve and dedication.

“There were many challenges, but having a cooperative landlord and a supportive community made a significant difference,” they explained. “We wanted to retain the essence of what Dylan and Claudia created while putting our own stamp on it.”

A Collaborative Effort

The support from the local community and the cooperative spirit among the staff and previous owners have been crucial in this journey. The shared goal is to create a space where everyone feels welcome and enjoys their time.

“It’s about respecting what was built before us and adding our touch to it,” Jamie concluded. “We want The Mod to continue being a place where memories are made.”

Maintaining Quality and Innovation

One of the primary focuses has been on streamlining the menu to ensure quality and efficiency. The owners have taken steps to refine their ingredients and simplify offerings without compromising on taste.

“A large menu can overwhelm the kitchen and affect the quality of food,” Jamie noted. “By focusing on a more concise menu, we can ensure every dish is fresh and delicious.”

As Pittsboro continues to grow and change, the commitment to preserving its unique character remains strong. The Mod stands as a testament to this balance, offering a space where the past and future can coexist harmoniously.

Pittsboro’s evolving landscape has seen an influx of new residents and businesses, and The Mod has become a beacon of this change. The owners, who have deep ties to the community, are committed to preserving the town’s quaint charm while catering to its dynamic population.

“We have people coming in, telling us how happy they are to discover such a place in Pittsboro. It’s incredibly fulfilling,” said Jamie. “We’re seeing a lot of new faces, and they’re excited about what we’re doing here.”

Future Plans

Looking ahead, The Mod’s owners are excited about introducing more specials and seasonal menu items. They believe in keeping things fresh and exciting for their patrons.

“People love variety and new experiences,” Jamie explained. “We’re working on daily specials and seasonal offerings to keep things interesting.”

A Community United by Joy and Change

The Mod has been a hub for the local community, offering not just food and drink, but a space for connection and enjoyment. As The Mod continues to evolve under new ownership, it hopes to remain a cornerstone of Pittsboro’s vibrant community.

Watch on YouTube – 3 Guys from Pittsboro having lunch at The Mod (part 2) – 6.13.24

00:13 Creating a welcoming and unique experience for happy customers.

  • Finding joy in providing great meals and fun experiences to customers from out of town.
  • Noticing the changing and growing community of Pittsboro and the positive feedback from new customers.

02:02 Pittsboro’s small town rural feeling

  • Pittsboro’s downtown folks are preserving the quaint feeling
  • Transition to The Mod was a natural choice for Jamie

03:56 Dealing with challenging clients and landlord cooperation.

  • Discussing the challenges faced while dealing with Greg and Eric.
  • Highlighting the importance of landlord cooperation in a successful transition.

05:58 Discussion on managing property tenant space

  • Debate on housing the same tenant in the space
  • Comparison with other similar venues and preferences for bar service

07:34 Personality in drinks

  • Bartenders can gauge a lot about someone’s personality based on the drink they order.
  • They have streamlined the menu to focus on healthy, fresh, and quick meals due to limited kitchen capacity.

09:33 Improving quality and variety of ingredients at The Mod

  • Refining ingredients by focusing on quality over quantity, such as using the best lettuce and cheese available.
  • Introducing changes like daily specials and seasonal menu sections to keep the offerings fresh and appealing to customers.

11:35 Importance of attention to detail and care in food service industry

  • Story about Tim’s unconventional menu display and refusal to have printed menus
  • Increasing font size of receipts for better readability

13:36 Discussion on favorite food memories and experiences

  • Sharing memories of working at Caposio Pizza and Higher Dolls Cafe in Michigan.
  • Recounting experiences with homemade dinner rolls, missing food from home, and unique food memories while in Germany.