A slice of community: Three guys from Pittsboro having lunch at The Mod

By Gene Galin

Pittsboro, NC – On Thursday afternoon Greg Stafford, Eric Andrews and I gathered at The Mod, a popular local eatery in Pittsboro, to enjoy lunch and conversation. Amidst laughter, casual conversation, and a slice of pizza or Italian sandwich, we reflected on community bonds, personal anecdotes, and the evolving spirit of this town.

The Setting: The Mod

Located in the SoCo section of downtown Pittsboro, The Mod has long been a favorite among locals. With its inviting ambiance, it serves as a hub for community gatherings, live music, and a place where stories are shared over meals and adult beverages. Recently taken over by Jamie Goffman and Jeff Towson, The Mod continues to uphold its legacy while introducing fresh elements to keep the vibe lively and inclusive.

A Slice of Conversation

Our lunchtime conversation kicks off with a light-hearted remark about a pair of red shoes, setting a casual and friendly tone. As we settle in, we discuss the local Rotary Club meeting and how such community events bring folks together. I shared an anecdote about the Northwood High School graduation, where student parent mentioned that he was a regular viewer. I believe we’re all a little surprised at how many people watch our informal lunchtime talks.

“It’s funny how people are drawn to simple conversations about everyday life”

The Culinary Choices: Menu Favorites

The conversation quickly shifts to The Mod’s offerings. As usual, we deliberate our meal choices, with Eric and Greg recommending the Italian or steak and blue cheese salad. “The Italian sandwich is my favorite, but the steak and blue cheese salad is a close second,” Eric notes. After some back-and-forth and much praise for the Italian sandwich, Eric goes with a pepperoni pizza. I land up deciding on a barbecue chicken pizza, while Greg orders himself an Italian sandwich. And since I’m paying for today’s meal he tosses in a pizza for his wife Paula.

Community Connections

Our banter soon touches on local happenings, including the town’s fascination with a recent bear sighting. Greg shares, “The last two years, bears have torn up my beehives.” This prompts laughter and curious questions about the bears’ antics. I mentioned that there has been an ongoing discussion on the Chatham Chatlist Facebook Page about bears being spotted in the county.

Honoring Traditions and Introducing Changes

We welcome Jamie Goffman, co-owner of The Mod, to join our conversation. Jamie shares insights about the restaurant’s mission and its role as a gathering spot for locals. She emphasizes The Mod’s commitment to inspiring artists and musicians, continuing the legacy of the previous owner, Dylan. She emphasizes the importance of maintaining the atmosphere that The Mod is known for while also incorporating new ideas to keep it fresh and exciting.

“We aim to preserve what makes The Mod special—its role as a gathering spot for artists, musicians, and the community,” Jamie explains. “At the same time, we’re bringing in new bands and events to keep the vibe dynamic.”

A Nod to the Past

Jamie acknowledges the efforts of the previous owner, Dylan, and his mother, Claudia, who infused The Mod with their passion and creativity. Their contributions laid a solid foundation that Jamie and Jeff now build upon.

“Dylan and Claudia poured their hearts into this place,” she says. “We’re grateful for their dedication and look forward to carrying on their legacy while adding our own touch.”

The Role of Music

When asked about changes under her ownership, Jamie explains her vision for The Mod. “We want to bring in new bands while also hosting those that have been favorites in the past,” she says. This blend of new and familiar acts aims to keep the community engaged and entertained.

Music plays a significant role at The Mod, with a diverse range of genres being featured. Jamie notes that while they aim to please the crowd, they also introduce new bands to keep things interesting. Recently, they hosted an ’80s night with a band called 80s Unleashed, which was a hit among the patrons.

“We love bringing in different styles of music,” Jamie shares. “From rock and roll to jazz, it’s all about creating a welcoming atmosphere where everyone can enjoy themselves.”

Jamie reminisces about the vibrant events hosted at The Mod, including the popular Women in Rock series. She notes, “The magic of The Mod is in its ability to bring people together through music and community.”

Greg’s Musical Memories

The conversation takes a nostalgic turn as Greg Stafford recalls his own musical journey. He shares how he started playing the saxophone after being a classical clarinetist, inspired by a high school band and a desire to try something new.

“I picked up the saxophone because I wanted a change from the clarinet,” he reminisces. Part of the reason for the change was that he felt young ladies weren’t attracted to clarinet players.

Eric and I admit that we both have limited musical talent.

Jamie’s Musical Background

Jamie also reveals her musical background, sharing that she plays the piano and saxophone. Her early start in music was nurtured by her family’s support, despite the noise of constant practice.

Jamie recounts how her first piano was salvaged from the trash by a family friend. This anecdote sparks a lively discussion about the surprising treasures that can be found in the most unlikely places.

“I started playing the piano around seven or eight,” Jamie says. “My dad’s friend found it in the trash, and it became my first instrument. I later picked up the saxophone, and music has been a part of my life ever since.”

Stop By

For those who want to experience the unique charm of The Mod and be part of its community events, Jamie invites everyone to stop by and see what’s happening. Whether it’s enjoying a meal or an adult beverage, catching a live performance, or simply soaking in the atmosphere, The Mod promises an enjoyable experience.

Stay tuned for part two of our “3 Guys from Pittsboro having lunch at the Mod.”

Watch on YouTube – 3 Guys from Pittsboro having lunch at the Mod (part 1) – 6.13.24

“Three Guys’ Chat at the Mod Cafe – Part 1”

00:17 Conversation about red shoes and a fashion show.

  • Admiration for red shoes.
  • Mention of a previous conversation recording and a mention of the show being watched by a Northwood dad.

01:52 Guys enjoy watching because it’s casual and informative

  • Viewers feel updated about the area while watching
  • Discussion about menu options at The Mod restaurant

03:16 Discussion about pizza choices and sharing expenses

  • Conversation about different pizza options and preferences.
  • Decision-making process about who pays for the meal and future plans to share expenses.

04:47 Discussing the presence of bears near the Mod

  • The bears have been causing issues by tearing up hives for the past two years
  • Introducing the owners of the Mod, Jamie Goffman and Jeff Talson

06:28 The Mod’s impact on the community and inspiration for artists and musicians

  • Reflecting on the gathering spot it has become for the community, attracting artists and musicians
  • Appreciating the efforts of the previous owner and their dedication to creating a welcoming and vibrant environment

07:53 Discussion about the live music and bands at the restaurant.

  • Rebecca was absent due to illness despite the lively weekend atmosphere.
  • The focus is on playing crowd-pleasing music, bringing in new bands, and hosting well-loved bands on the stage.

09:26 Discussion on musical instruments and preferences

  • The conversation revolves around playing the saxophone, piano, and trumpet.
  • The preference for playing the saxophone stems from prior experience as a classical clarinetist.

10:54 High school friends pursued music against odds.

  • One friend declined being a sax player and later became a renowned musician.
  • Jamie received a grand piano for free from a trash company.