Dunkin’ grand opening is a sweet success

By Gene Galin

Pittsboro, NC – On May 20, 2024, Dunkin’ welcomed a new store with a ribbon-cutting ceremony that brought folks together in celebration. The event featured local dignitaries, business leaders, and a special donation to Special Olympics North Carolina. There were speeches, cheers, and plenty of coffee and donuts, at this grand opening.

The new Dunkin’ store, located at Northwood Landing, has created over 30 jobs, offering positions ranging from baristas to management roles.

Community Engagement and Support

Dunkin’ has long been known for its commitment to the communities it serves. This new store is no exception. The grand opening featured a special donation of $4,000 to Special Olympics of North Carolina, continuing Dunkin’s tradition of supporting local charitable organizations. This contribution is part of Dunkin’s broader philanthropic efforts, which last year saw the company donate $100,000 to various causes in just two weeks.

A Moment of Celebration

The ribbon-cutting ceremony was marked by applause, cheers, and a sense of excitement. Local officials, including the mayor and the sheriff, joined Dunkin’ executives to cut the ceremonial ribbon. The crowd, consisting of local residents, business leaders, and Dunkin’ enthusiasts, watched as the ribbon was cut, officially opening the store.

“On the count of three… one, two, three!” The crowd erupted in applause as the ribbon was cut, marking the beginning of a new chapter for Dunkin’ in this community.

Menu Offerings

The new Dunkin’ location boasts an extensive menu that caters to a wide range of tastes. From classic coffee and donuts to new, innovative beverages and food items, there is something for everyone. The store offers a variety of coffee blends, espresso drinks, teas, and specialty beverages like the popular Dunkin’ Refreshers.

In addition to beverages, the menu features an array of breakfast sandwiches, bagels, muffins, and the new plant-based options that cater to the growing demand for vegan and vegetarian choices. The grand opening showcased some of these new menu items.

Inside Dunkin’ at Northwood Landing (photo by Gene Galin)

Modern and Inviting Atmosphere

The store’s design reflects Dunkin’s modern and welcoming aesthetic. With comfortable seating, free Wi-Fi, and a warm color palette, the new Dunkin’ location provides a cozy environment for customers to relax and enjoy their meals. The layout is designed to accommodate both quick service for those on the go and a relaxed dining experience for those who wish to stay longer.

Future Plans

The opening of this new Dunkin’ location is part of a broader expansion strategy aimed at increasing the brand’s presence in key markets. Dunkin’ plans to open several more locations in the region over the next few years, each designed to meet the needs and preferences of the local community.

Watch on YouTube – Ribbon Cutting at Dunkin’ Grand Opening – 5.20.24

00:13 Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at Dunkin’ Grand Opening

  • Participants involved in the ribbon cutting ceremony
  • Unexpected delay during the ribbon cutting process

00:34 Dunkin’ Grand Opening Action Shot

  • The event included a ribbon cutting ceremony with good energy.
  • The atmosphere was lively, and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

00:51 Taking a group picture at the event

  • The speaker asks for a group picture to be taken
  • Emphasizing on being careful while taking the picture

01:05 Excitement at Dunkin’ Grand Opening

  • Interaction with sheriff and mayor at the event
  • Excitement of kids receiving something at the opening

01:20 Introduction to Special Olympics North Carolina

  • Special Olympics North Carolina is part of the Special Olympics Southeast
  • It caters to individuals with intellectual disabilities

01:36 Company’s donation has increased significantly this year

  • Last year, the company donated $100,000 in two weeks
  • This year, the company has already donated a substantial amount

01:45 Dunkin’ expects $100,000 from outside sales.

  • No outside sales so far.
  • Donating $4,000 on opening day.

01:58 Grand opening of Dunkin’ with a ribbon cutting ceremony

  • Attendees expressed gratitude for the event.
  • Excitement around the Olympics was highlighted.