Three Guys from Pittsboro eating lunch reflect on life, love, and community at Allen & Son BBQ

By Gene Galin

Pittsboro, NC – Join the “Three Guys from Pittsboro having Lunch” as we share tales of marriage, community, and celebrity encounters during lunch at Allen & Son. Amidst the aroma of barbecue smoke and the chatter of locals, Greg Stafford, Eric Andrews and I gathered at Allen & Son BBQ. We shared memories and laughter over lunch. We discussed topics from weddings and family traditions to local businesses and the quirks of daily life.

A Wedding Tale
At the heart of our conversation was the upcoming wedding of Ethan Stubbs and Kerri Snipes. Amidst bites of barbecue sandwiches, Brunswick stew and sweet potato fries, we listened to Ethan recount the romantic proposal to Kerri Snipes atop a museum tower, revealing the mix of nerves and joy that mingled in the air before the life-changing moment.

“I wanted to do it on the lighthouse at Cape Lookout, but it’s closed… so we got a museum with a big tower.”

The proposal, its surprise factor, and the overall romantic aura add a twist to this intriguing tale.

“She had no idea it was coming. When she said yes, I was over the moon.”

There were anecdotes about family members and playful banter about potential wedding mishaps. Tommy Snipes, We, of course, expressed our support and happiness for Ethan and his bride to be, Kerri, as we are sure they look forward to celebrating this special occasion.

“I kid with you a lot, but I wish you do the best  of luck and I hope you guys stay married a long, long time” 

From Childhood to Community

Allen & Sons Barbecue itself has a storied history that mirrors the lives of its patrons. Ethan’s parents started leasing the business about 28 years ago, and he vividly remembers his early days there.

“I was just two years old, standing on a milk crate to make drinks,” Ethan said. “It’s been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.”

Despite changes over the years, the restaurant has maintained its essence. The menu has remained consistent, focusing on doing a few things exceptionally well.

The restaurant has forged a loyal customer base and remained a steadfast supporter of the local community.

“Our aim is to provide good food and create a place where people feel at home.”

The Fabric of Small-Town Life
As we delved into the fabric of small-town life, they reflect on the enduring legacy of Allen & Sons BBQ, a cherished local institution. With pride, Ethan discussed its unchanged menu and steadfast commitment to quality. Barbecue is the biggest seller, followed by catfish and cheeseburgers. Banana pudding is a favorite dessert.

Celebrating Community and Connection
Allen and Son also supports multiple community efforts, including events at Northwood high school. Our conversation captured the essence of small-town life, where cherished establishments like Allen & Son BBQ become integral parts of a town’s identity, preserving traditions and fostering a sense of belonging among locals.

During our meal we ran into Shannon Stubbs and his mom, who just celebrated her 80th birthday. For her birthday celebration, she had requested church family, earthly family, friends, children and nieces and nephews to attend. She also shared here favorite story about Shannon, who is always friendly and once reached out for a stranger’s ice cream in a grocery store.

Brushing Shoulders with Fame
We touched on the Carolina “celebrities” who would make their way down 15-501 to eat at Allen and Son BBQ. Our conversation took an unexpected turn as Ethan recalled the day a famous visitor, rumored to be Mark Zuckerberg, graced the humble eatery with his presence. With humor and humility, he recounted the surreal experience of serving a tech titan and the down-to-earth demeanor that defied expectations.

“He was wearing jeans and a blank t-shirt… super nice guy, down to earth.”

A Testament to Small-Town Values
The story of Ethan’s family, their friends, and Allen & Son Barbecue is more than a simple recounting of events. It’s a testament to the enduring values of friendship, family, and community that form the backbone of small-town America.

As Pittsboro continues to grow and evolve, places like Allen & Son remain vital, anchoring the town in its rich past while embracing the promise of the future. Ethan’s journey from a young boy on a milk crate to a soon-to-be-married man reflects the spirit of resilience and continuity that defines his hometown and the family business.

In a world that often seems to change too quickly, the steady presence of Allen & Son and the unwavering bonds of friendship serve as comforting reminders of the things that truly matter. As the “Three Guys from Pittsboro” finished our lunch and prepared to face the day, our laughter and shared stories lingered, a quiet affirmation of the strength and beauty of community.

Watch on YouTube – Part 1 “Three Guys from Pittsboro Having Lunch” at Allen & Sons – 5.1.24

“Engagement and Wedding Planning Chat Over Barbecue Lunch”

00:14 Three Guys from Pittsboro Having Lunch

  • Discussion about Ethan Stubbs getting married
  • Details about the proposal, including the location and the surprise factor

03:02 Long history and community support at Allen & Sons

  • Started by parents 28 years ago, strong customer base
  • Active community supporter, minimal menu changes over years

05:56 Famous individuals visiting Allen & Sons

  • Recounting the experience of Mark Zuckerberg and other celebrities visiting the restaurant.
  • Discussing the strange questions and the casual demeanor of Mark Zuckerberg during his visit.

09:02 Discussion on the popular menu items and Chatham County sewer connection

  • Barbecue is the biggest seller, followed by catfish and cheese fritters.

11:46 Casual lunch conversation in Pittsboro

  • Discussion about relationships, marriage, and good wishes for the future
  • Mention of location, upcoming events, and agenda items like crayons

14:59 Discussion about banana pudding and crayons

  • Banana pudding is a favorite dessert at Allen & Sons
  • Conversation about kids using crayons to write on everything at Havoc and the annoyance it causes

18:26 Celebrating 80th birthday with family and friends

  • Requested church family, earthly family, friends, children and nieces and nephews to celebrate
  • Favorite story about Shannon, always friendly and once reached out for a stranger’s ice cream

21:44 Discussion about an expert working on air conditioning units

  • The expert is knowledgeable and skilled in air conditioning work
  • The issue of people not understanding how to drive around the traffic circle in Pittsboro

24:26 Havoc Brewery faced challenges with supplies and equipment

  • Doherty’s had a good partnership with Havoc Brewery during the buildout
  • Concerns about the town’s size and ability to support Havoc Brewery

27:19 Successful expansion of October Fest event

  • Initially promoted within Pittsboro, expanded to Apex and Chapel Hill with great turnout
  • Event’s success led to the need for better management and coordination