Unlocking potential: Why Pittsboro seeks annexation flexibility

Pittsboro, NC – The Town of Pittsboro has requested that the North Carolina General Assembly enact legislation that adds the Town to the list of more than 100 other cities and towns across North Carolina, including Siler City, Goldston, and Sanford, exempted from the State’s cap on satellite annexation.

pittsboro and area
photo by Gene Galin

The request, one of the Town’s legislative priorities this year, is based on multiple reasons that will allow the Town of Pittsboro to control growth and economic development more effectively.

First, with the unique characteristics of the Town, our community must have all the tools it can to manage and guide development effectively in line with community goals and our comprehensive land use plan. As annexations are voluntary, the only properties that can be satellite annexed into the Town are those where the property owner understands what annexation entails and has made a valid request for annexation, the property is within three miles of the primary corporate limits of the Town, and the Board of Commissioners approves the annexation. Additionally, satellite annexations do not automatically extend the extra-territorial jurisdiction of the Town.

Second, we believe that planning and land use decisions can best be made by members of the local community and the local government that serves them. Our request for the satellite annexation cap waiver will give the Town another way to provide water and municipal services to new areas outside the existing town limits. Providing municipal utilities and services allows for increased development density, which discourages endless sprawl and encourages more affordable housing options while supporting environmental preservation.

We are confident that local control over annexation will allow us to serve our community better and ensure sustainable development for the future, which are both local community goals. We appreciate the community’s support as we work to manage growth while preserving the Town’s unique character.

Colby W. Sawyer, MPA CEM | Public Information Officer & Emergency Management Coordinator
Town of Pittsboro, North Carolina
Phone 919-542-4621 ext. 1108