A look inside Hubie’s Car Wash: From start to finish

By Gene Galin

Pittsboro, NC – On a sunny afternoon in Pittsboro, I embarked on an adventure through Hubie’s Car Wash with co-owner Brandon Glover. As the car slowly made its way through the automatic wash, Brandon provided insights into the operations, offerings, and environmental consciousness of this family-owned business.

Behind the Scenes

At Hubie’s Car Wash, the experience begins with a friendly interaction at the pay station, where customers engage with staff like AJ, who answers common inquiries about available packages, discounts, and the car wash process. Brandon’s conversation with AJ highlights the personalized service and attention to detail that customers can expect at Hubie’s.

The Process Unveiled

As Brandon’s vehicle inches forward onto the dual belt conveyor system, the team explains the step-by-step process, ensuring customers know when to shift gears and when to expect the application of different cleaning agents. From the triple coat detergent to the soft touch wraps and spot-free rinse, every stage of the wash is designed to leave vehicles sparkling clean without causing damage.

Environmental Responsibility

One of the standout features of Hubie’s Car Wash is its commitment to environmental sustainability. Brandon emphasizes that over 83% of the water used in the wash is recycled, showcasing the business’s dedication to minimizing its ecological footprint. This eco-conscious approach, coupled with the use of biodegradable cleaning solutions, positions Hubie’s as a leader in environmentally friendly car care.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Throughout the tour, Brandon underscores the importance of customer satisfaction and safety. From reminders to secure windows during the wash to ensuring that vehicles with special features like bed covers or trailer hitches are accommodated, Hubie’s prioritizes the needs and concerns of its patrons.

Final Thoughts

As the car emerges from the wash bay, gleaming under the Pittsboro sun, Brandon reflects on the simplicity and effectiveness of the experience. With operating hours spanning from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day of the week, Hubie’s Car Wash offers convenience and reliability to busy customers. Whether seeking a basic wash or a comprehensive package, patrons can trust Hubie’s to deliver good results while upholding values of environmental stewardship and customer satisfaction.T

Watch the video on YouTube – Going through Hubie’s car wash with Brandon Glover – 4.20.24

00:16 First experience going through a car wash in Pittsboro Chatham County

  • Meeting AJ at the paystation and learning about the different questions customers ask
  • Exploring the benefits of getting a car wash package and the frequency of use

01:24 Family discounts and benefits for First Responders and military

  • After the first car, 20% off for every single car
  • 20% discount for first responders and active duty military, including police officers

02:35 Upgrading the car wash system with a POS upgrade.

  • Discussion about the system upgrade and the involvement of an engineer in the process.
  • Mentions of familiar faces and personal preferences related to boats.’

03:38 Soft touch car wash is gentle on vehicles

  • The wash uses specific materials and has mechanical differences to be gentle on vehicles.
  • It has a dual belt conveyor system that allows vehicles to go through without needing gas or brakes.

04:39 Proper car wash process for a clean car

  • Slowly pull up for two thumbs up approval
  • Importance of closed windows during the car wash process

05:45 Soft touch wraps are gentler than traditional car washes

  • These wraps are softer and reduce the risk of causing damage to the car
  • Mechanical difference includes noodles instead of brushes to prevent beating on the car surface

06:52 Effective car cleaning with tire shine

  • The car wash provides a dry clean with tire shine for a complete vehicle clean
  • The process is simple and easy, comparable to the ease of using Geico

07:50 Hubie’s Car Wash is environmentally friendly and family-owned.

  • 83% of water is recycled at Hubie’s Car Wash, showcasing their commitment to environmental consciousness.
  • Operating hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. daily, providing convenient access to a clean car.