Money talks: The taxpayer’s burden in Chatham County

By Carole Henry

Siler City, NC – As the new heavy industry moving to Chatham has hemorrhaged millions of Chatham county taxpayers’ money. This is thanks to commissioners willingness to hand over money that should be used to help clean up the highly polluted water in Chatham county. A situation which seems to be effecting the whole state, which has the reputation of having the highest polluted water in the whole country. Worse then the north.

Image by Freepik

Failure of Chatham county to ensure these heavy industries will not be further polluting our air, land and water. Industry was allowed to dump GenX into our environment.

We as Chatham county residents are responsible for this. We failed to keep a check on the fox in the hen house.

The hemorrhaging of taxpayer money to multi billionaire companies must stop.

Already a family’s generational farm was stolen for industry that now seems to be  back stepping on what they were bringing to Chatham county.

I see Wolfspeed has donated $10,000 and $9,000 to two organizations in Siler City. Is that being taken out of the millions handed over to them by Chatham? Or are those millions settled in a off shore fund for pickup on retirement?

Our taxes are up because of total disregard for accountability and responsibility of managing our tax money already paid.

To hand over our tax dollars to companies having total say in how far they can damage and destroy our air, land and water is outrageous and must stop.