Zaxby’s to bring a fresh flair to Pittsboro

By Gene Galin

Pittsboro, NC – Scott and Molly Holloman, seasoned veterans in the realm of Zaxby’s, are set to offer another food option in Pittsboro with the grand opening of the newest Zaxby’s restaurant at Northwood Landing. With nearly 15 years of experience under their belts, the dynamic duo is eager to introduce their community to the distinctive Zaxby’s experience.

A Taste of Something Different

“We’re super excited to be here,” says Scott Holloman, one of the co-managers of the new Zaxby’s. “First of all, we’re hoping to really bring something different to the town. You know, we can tell this town has got a lot of growth coming. We’re excited to get here and kind of let everybody know that we can do this our Zaxby’s way.”

The Zaxby’s way, as Scott describes it, transcends the conventional fast-food experience. “It’s not your typical walk-in, regular fast food,” he explains. “We call ourselves quick service. We’re going to take care of our guests, we’re going to walk the food out, we’re going to be super quick, we’re going to be accurate, we’re going to be friendly. More than anything, we want everybody to feel like they’re at home. We want to treat everyone like family.”

Molly Holloman, Scott’s partner in both marriage and management, echoes his sentiments. “Family is super important to us,” she adds. “Just like our employees, same with our customers – we’re all one big family here. We’re looking super, super excited, looking forward to serving everyone. It’s been a long time coming.”

A Culinary Adventure Awaits

One of the highlights on Zaxby’s menu is the Asian Zensation salad, currently available for a limited time. “It’s such a fan favorite,” Molly enthuses. “We didn’t want people to walk in here expecting it and not have it, so it’ll be here for a few more weeks. We really recommend getting here and getting it while we can, while the inventory is still in the building.”

Describing the salad, Scott explains, “Our cobb salad is never going anywhere. It’s a house favorite, it’s always going to be here. But this one here’s a little more funky, obviously. It’s more of an Asian-tasting salad, with a citrus vinaigrette dressing and a honey sesame glaze.”

“And then there’s the egg roll on top of it all,” Molly adds. “It’s a vegetable egg roll, and it’s fantastic. You’ve got to try it.”

Bringing Convenience to the Table

With the hustle and bustle of modern life, convenience is key for many patrons. Scott and Molly understand this, which is why they’ve ensured that the new Zaxby’s in Pittsboro offers a double drive-thru.

“We’re looking to get you in and out,” Scott explains. “You know, a lot of people who come through that drive-thru usually have somewhere they need to be, so we’re really hoping to keep it moving. We’re looking to keep the food hot at the same time – that’s the biggest challenge. We can be fast, but can we be hot and fast and accurate? That’s what we’re aiming for.”

And for solo drivers concerned about reaching across to the passenger side to pay, fear not – the Hollomans have got you covered. “We move to you,” Scott assures. “If you’re a single driver, you just drive through and you pay out your left side, driver’s side. So you’re all set.”

Sweet Endings

No meal at Zaxby’s is complete without indulging in one of their famous cookies. “They’re fresh and hot,” Scott says proudly. “We make them, we rotate them, we get them out hot and quick, and they’re ready to go. They don’t sit around all day.”

Pittsboro Zaxby’s Opening on March 25

With the official opening slated for Monday, March 25, Scott and Molly are gearing up to welcome the community with open arms. “We’re going to be full force, ready to go, to get you in and out,” Scott promises.

In a world where fast food often means sacrificing quality for speed, Scott and Molly Holloman are on a mission to rewrite the script. As Molly aptly puts it, “We’re not just here to serve food – we’re here to create an experience. So come on out to the new Zaxby’s. We’ll be waiting to greet you with a warm smile and a delicious meal.”

Zaxby’s in Pittsboro: Scott and Molly introduce new menu items, including fan-favorite salads and limited-time egg rolls.

[00:15] Bringing a unique dining experience to Pittsboro with Zaxby’s.
– Scott and Molly, managers with 15 years of experience, aiming to offer something different.
– Zaxby’s focuses on Quick Service and guest satisfaction, not typical fast food.

[00:56] Scott and Molly Holloman prioritize family-like environment at Zaxby’s
– They focus on creating a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for everyone
– Limited time offer currently available: Asian Zensation salad and egg rolls

[01:44] Zaxby’s recommends trying their limited-time menu items and emphasizes the popularity of their salad.
– Customers are encouraged to visit soon to try the limited-time items while they are available.
– The salad is a fan favorite and is a unique item for a Quick Service restaurant, with the promise of being a permanent menu item.

[02:27] Zaxby’s Asian salad is flavorful and features a citrus vinaigrette dressing.
– The salad is more Asian-tasting with a citrus vinaigrette dressing and honey sesame glaze.
– It also includes Asian slaw, a sweet slaw, and a vegetable egg roll on top.

[03:10] Opening of new Zaxby’s in Pittsboro discussed
– Discussion about the menu items like chicken sandwich
– Plans for opening day and regular operating hours shared

[03:57] Operating hours and crowd after church
– Regular hours are Monday through Saturday 10:30 to 10, Sunday 11 to 9.
– The restaurant is popular with church crowds, especially after church on Sundays.

[04:42] Focus on speed and food quality at new Zaxby’s location
– Prioritizing efficiency and speed in serving customers
– Aiming to optimize processes for faster service while maintaining food quality

[05:29] The new Zaxby’s in Pittsboro is known for its fresh and hot Sensational cookies.
– The cookies are made fresh and rotated to ensure they are served hot and ready to go without sitting around all day.
– The new Zaxby’s in Pittsboro will open on the 25th of March.