The journey of 85 rescued dogs from Bear Creek puppy mill to loving homes

Bear Creek, NC – Through the collaborative efforts of the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office, Animal Rescue Corps, and BISSELL Pet Foundation, 85 dogs and puppies, out of the 214 originally seized last month from a suspected puppy mill in Bear Creek, are ready to embark on their journey to loving homes.

These dogs, formerly under the custody of two suspected puppy mill operators, are now under the care of Animal Rescue Corps at its Rescue Center outside of Nashville, TN, where they have received comprehensive veterinary attention, medical care, and behavioral support, preparing them for their next chapter. The Chatham County Sheriff’s Office extends its gratitude to Animal Rescue Corps and BISSELL Pet Foundation for their dedication to the welfare of these animals.

Acting upon a judge’s order, the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office facilitated the transition of these animals to Animal Rescue Corps, a 501(c)3 organization. The surrender agreement enables Animal Rescue Corps and BISSELL Pet Foundation to initiate the transport and placement process for these dogs. Some will find refuge in North Carolina-based rescues and shelters, including Pawfect Match Rescue in Holly Springs, Forsyth Humane Society in Winston-Salem, and Humane Society of Charlotte in Charlotte.
These dogs will be available for adoption once they have been spayed and neutered. Interested adopters are encouraged to monitor the social media channels of those shelters for updates on adoption availability.

While these 85 dogs are on their way to new beginnings, the remaining dogs are still considered evidence of a crime and remain under the custody of the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office.

“We are committed to ensuring the welfare of these animals and upholding justice,” said Sheriff Mike Roberson. “The custody of these dogs by the Sheriff’s Office is essential as they are considered evidence of a crime. Our partnership with Animal Rescue Corps signifies our dedication to their well-being as we navigate through the legal process.”

Animal Rescue Corps, likewise, remains committed to providing ongoing care and support for the remaining dogs to ensure they receive all necessary medical attention, socialization, and rehabilitation. Their well-being remains the CCSO’s top priority throughout the legal process.

“Animal Rescue Corp’s Rescue Center allows animal victims of suspected cruelty, neglect, disaster, and other large-scale cases to recover from their trauma, which allows communities like Chatham County more resources to support their community’s at-risk animals,” said Animal Rescue Corps executive director Tim Woodward. “We couldn’t be happier for these 85 dogs ready to graduate from Animal Rescue Corps’ care program and find their place as loved family members, while we remain equally dedicated to the 136 dogs who will remain in our care through the legal process.”