Chatham Park announces energy savings success

Pittsboro, NC – Chatham Park, the 8,500-acre master-planned community in Pittsboro, North Carolina, has announced that it has reached an energy savings milestone propelled by its ecoSelect® Plus Certified homes. With an average Home Energy Ratings System (HERS®) score of 59, which is below the regional average of 100, Chatham Park claims to have established a benchmark in energy efficiency for the region.

As a nationally recognized measurement, HERS is the acronym for Home Energy Rating System. It was launched in 2006 by the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) and continues to be widely recognized by home professionals as a reliable and consistent barometer. A lower HERS® rating signifies superior energy efficiency.

From January 1, 2020, to December 31, 2023, Chatham Park claims to have achieved a combined cumulative energy savings of $264,300. Over the three-year span, residents have enjoyed annual energy savings averaging $546, totaling 3,000 pounds of emissions avoided and showcasing a 26% higher efficiency compared to NC Code built homes. While the annual energy cost of a Code home stands at $2,662, Chatham Park claims that their residents benefit from a significantly lower annual energy cost of $1,883.

Vanessa Jenkins

“We are thrilled to celebrate Chatham Park’s continued dedication to sustainable living. These numbers reaffirm our vision of fostering a master-planned community where environmental responsibility meets affordability. Chatham Park is actively setting the standard for a sustainable residential development, paving the way to a greener future for Pittsboro and beyond,” Executive Vice President of Preston Development Company Vanessa Jenkins says.

Since 2021, Chatham Park has collaborated with Southern Energy Management to enhance the quality of its homes through the implementation of ecoSelect® Plus. This tailored program, an extension of the ecoSelect® initiative, incorporates additional specifications tailored to Chatham Park’s unique needs. It emphasizes energy efficiency, offering robust support, and ensuring rigorous quality control to instill consumer confidence. As a 13-time Energy Star Partner of the Year, Southern Energy Management is dedicated to revolutionizing energy production and consumption. Their commitment to advanced utilities and construction techniques through the ecoSelect® program aligns seamlessly with Chatham Park’s vision for sustainable living.

Southern Energy Management details the diverse facets of the ecoSelect® certification process:

  • Quality assurance conducted through third-party inspections ensures excellence
  • A high-performance building envelope enhances insulation efficiency, retaining warmth in winter and cooling in summer
  • Programmable thermostats offer remote comfort control for buyers
  • Energy-efficient lighting yields 75%-80% energy savings and longer lifespan compared to traditional bulbs
  • High-efficiency HVAC units undergo post-installation testing to ensure optimal temperatures and effective operation
  • WaterSense fixtures reduce water consumption without compromising performance
  • Solar evaluations assist buyers in advancing towards energy independence
  • Fresh air ventilation systems replace stale air with controlled, fresh air circulation

The features of the ecoSelect® Plus program serve as attractions for Chatham Park homes. With a one-page qualification checklist and minimal administrative burden for homebuilders, Chatham Park claims that buyers can enjoy peace of mind with the exceptional safety standards upheld in their home. To demonstrate the program’s comprehensive impact at Chatham Park, neighborhood-wide outcomes such as the average community HERS® index score and household savings are regularly assessed and shared.

Southern Energy Management continues to elevate the quality standards of Chatham Park homes through its ecoSelect® Plus certification. Southern Energy Management’s commitment aligns with Chatham Park’s vision for sustainable living.