Dr. Jackson’s salary: What really happened in 2021

By Bobby Izquierdo

Pittsboro, NC – Regarding statements made to the Chatham County School Board on Monday, February 12, and published in the Chatham Journal Newspaper and in the February 15th Chatham Chatlist, Dr. Jackson was hired in 2021 with a salary of $205k and a 5% yearly bonus at the board’s discretion through 2025. He started on July 6, which explains why he was paid $112,000 in 2021, about half his salary. In 2022, the board extended his contract through 2026 with no raise.

Image by gstudioimagen1 on Freepik

The Chatham County school board did not raise his salary by 115%. Stating this was not only disingenuous but not factual.