3 Guys from Pittsboro having lunch share laughter, food, and life at Virlie’s

By Gene Galin

Pittsboro, NC – In the heart of downtown Pittsboro, three friends, known as the “3 Guys from Pittsboro,” gathered at Virlie’s Grill to have lunch. Greg, Eric, and I, claim to be firmly rooted in the local scene. We hope to turn these lunches into opportunities to engage in spirited banter, offering a unique and entertaining perspective on life in our county. Here’s a peek at our post-meal pontifications.

A Culinary Delight at Virlie’s Grill
Our trio indulges in the diverse offerings at Virlie’s Grill, showcasing our true appreciation for local flavors and global influences. From chicken thigh sandwiches to sweet potato fries, each dish becomes a canvas for lively discussions about their culinary preferences. A “highlight” includes a local hot sauce debate, bringing Texas and North Carolina into the mix.

Quote: Greg shares, “The chicken thigh sandwich was a hit for me, but the real star was the local hot sauce. It’s a taste of Texas in North Carolina, and the debate around it adds a dash of humor to our lunches.”

The Art of Desserts: Sweet Confections and Artisanal Flair
Our conversation turned to desserts, as we explore the delectable offerings of Virlie’s. From homemade strawberry cake to artisanal lemon cello, we delved into the nuances of desserts and contemplate whether a Californian would label these treats as homemade or artisanal.

Quote: Gene jests, “Call it artisanal, and they charge more. Shout out to California – where dessert is an art form with a price tag!”

S&T’s: The Next Culinary Adventure?
We hinted at our next culinary expedition, contemplating the delights awaiting us at S&T’s, a local favorite. Preferences for buffalo chicken tender sandwiches, double gamblers, and lasagna are shared, building anticipation for our upcoming visit.

Quote: Eric chuckles, “We’re building up to a big reveal at S&T’s. The anticipation is real, and our taste buds are ready for the next adventure.”

The Unrivaled Bacon Cheeseburger in Pittsboro?
We discussed the loyalty to Virlie’s bacon cheeseburger, questioning if there’s any competition in town. The conversation turns light-hearted, with banter about whether the title of the best bacon cheeseburger in Pittsboro is up for debate.

Quote: Greg asserts, “I may try other places, but when it comes to bacon cheeseburgers, Virlie’s is the undisputed champion in my book.”

Legal Tales and Dumb Crook Stories
Greg, a former attorney, shared snippets of his legal experiences, including a humorous tale about a criminal who inadvertently incriminated himself through a poorly chosen piece of evidence. The conversation delves into the nature of criminals and their varying levels of intelligence.

Quote: Greg laughs, “Sometimes, you can’t help but shake your head at the sheer audacity or stupidity of certain individuals. Criminals come in all shades, from smart to downright dumb.”

The Perils of Sharing Bad Information
We explored the amusing side of disseminating information, recalling instances where Eric’s mix-up about a Chick-fil-A opening in Siler City led to playful ribbing by Heather Johnson and others. Our humorous banter showcases the challenges of sharing accurate information in a small community.

Quote: Eric admits, “I got some bad intel, but hey, at least it gave everyone a good laugh. Small-town life, right?”

Cherishing Moments, Culinary Delights, and Laughter
In wrapping up our lively lunch conversation, the “3 Guys from Pittsboro” reflected on the joys of small-town living. From culinary explorations to legal anecdotes, we emphasized the importance of cherishing moments, savoring local flavors, and finding humor in everyday experiences.

Watch Part 2 “3 Guys from Pittsboro Having Lunch” at Virlie’s – 2.2.24

00:17 Discussion about food preferences and homemade desserts

  • Conversation about the origin of Texas Pete hot sauce and its connection to North Carolina
  • Debate on whether to refer to desserts as homemade or artisan, and the pricing difference

02:24 Discussion about favorite dishes and restaurants

  • Virlie’s sweet potato fries and future visit to S&T for the same
  • Favorite dishes at S&T and a teaser about a story related to the menu

04:33 Discussion about eating habits and preferences

  • Preference for eating in the office due to work schedule and managing properties
  • Avoiding certain restaurants due to unwanted business discussions

06:54 Discussion about criminals’ intelligence and dumb criminal moments.

  • Debate about whether most criminals are smart or dumb, and whether they are just like the general population.
  • Anecdote about a dumb criminal moment involving a note written on the back of a piece of mail that led to the criminal’s arrest.

09:30 Discussing the challenges of youth and the consequences of being dumb until 25 or 30.

  • Reflects on the lack of documentation from the past due to the absence of cameras and computers.
  • Mentions upcoming projects involving a live webcam and feeding content to a 65-inch LED TV.

11:45 Middle school basketball championship is on February 12th to 16th

  • Northwood is playing Seaforth tonight in basketball
  • Eric Andrews received a lifetime induction award for top producers, making them a part of it forever

13:50 Retirement party excitement in Pittsboro

  • People from outside the county surprised by the event
  • Misunderstanding about a Chick-fil-A rumor causing commotion

16:07 Heather teases Eric about going to Chick-fil-A for lunch.

  • Heather was worried that they were spending a lot, but it was just on a Chick-fil-A meal.
  • They thank the audience and discuss future locations for their lunch meetups.