Imagine the possibilities: Pittsboro’s shopping center’s unlimited potential

By Thurman Maness

Pittsboro, NC – As noted in my last Chatlist post, the Dollar Tree store in Pittsboro is permanently closed. Lost their lease. A big disappointment for those frequenting that shopping center and for Pittsboro. The Dollar General up the boulevard is the next best thing, but certainly not a replacement. I will miss the Dollar Tree. I was never happy with the fact that at least 75% of the goods were made in China. But it seems America can’t make things that Americans can afford. Somehow the “Twenty dollar American Shrub” just doesn’t roll off the tongue with any amount of comfort.

AI generated image of a Ferris wheel on top of a shopping center.

One can only imagine the big time doings that shopping center will take on once the Dollar Tree and the PTA Thrift Shop are gone. I conjure up thoughts of the old “dollar tree” location becoming a gigantic UPS Central management center, or the present hardware  store expanding, spacing out their merchandise to make more room for the throngs of shoppers that have been predicted on Pittsboro’s People Growth Bandwidth permomoter.  Only maybe two or three hundred customers permitted in the store every other hour. I’ve even heard there will be a wall of alabaster where we can carve our initials and say “I wuz here.” Why folks, we will be fighting and squabbling over merchandise that we can’t afford or need.

Another idea that may have been discussed, since commercial space in Pittsboro is at such a premium. Build a second story complex over the entire length of that shopping center. That would/could double the commercial rental space. And if need be, down on the shadier side, there could be an all night Hoochie Coochie extravaganza. And with the new age anti discrimination laws,  ladies (and possibly gents) of more premium existence would win new acclaim for a shaky booty. Tennis courts and miniature golf are high on the list. Also mentioned is a pet “Waterworld.” The used water be funneled to a car wash at the back of the mall. I also envision a giant Ferris wheel, bumper cars, carousel and maybe a roller rink.

AI generated image of a rooftop roller rink.

Once all the street level leases have expired and not renewed, it is hard to imagine all the attractions. Or maybe the hardware store will start selling bulldozers, jeeps, tractors and the like. It’s hard to put a cap on imagination.