A family affair: O’Quinn’s Butcher Shop opens in Pittsboro

By Gene Galin

Pittsboro, NC – In a world where big corporations dominate the food industry, it’s refreshing to see a local butcher shop taking center stage. O’Quinn’s Butcher Shop, operating for 13 weeks now, is a testament to the resurgence of small, family-owned businesses. This venture is not only about providing top-quality meats but also about passing on the family tradition from one generation to another.

The O’Quinn family members came out in force to show their support at the grand opening of O’Quinn’s Butcher Shop in Pittsboro. (photo by Gene Galin)

A Generational Journey Back to the Butcher Shop

Rodney O’Quinn, the owner of O’Quinn’s Butcher Shop, has a story that exemplifies the age-old adage, “It’s never too late to follow your passion.” Rodney embarked on this journey, not for himself, but for his son. He explains, “It was more for my son. I met the art of meat cutting when I was 18, worked for a meat company, and gained valuable experience as a meat supervisor. It’s always been in my blood, and my son convinced me that we should work for ourselves.”

Rodney, not ready for complete retirement, decided to invest his knowledge and passion into this business venture. He shares, “I told him I’d give him four or five good years of my time, and then when I get tired, he’s going to run the business. He doesn’t want any of my bad years; he just wants my good years.”

Bringing a Wealth of Experience

Rodney’s years in the meat industry weren’t in vain. He brought a wealth of knowledge from his previous experiences to O’Quinn’s Butcher Shop. Having worked for a large company, he learned the secrets of the trade and gathered various insights. He says, “I’ve seen many businesses, and I’ve tried to combine the best aspects of each to create something special.”

The shop’s impressive dry aging machine caught our attention. Rodney explains its purpose, “This machine keeps the meat at a constant temperature, drawing out moisture and making the meat softer and more tender.” The longer the meat stays in the machine, the more tender it becomes, typically for at least 21 days. Customers can witness this transformation as the meat changes in appearance during the aging process.

More Than Just Meat

O’Quinn’s Butcher Shop isn’t just about meat; it’s a one-stop-shop for a variety of culinary needs. The family had a hand in choosing the shop’s design, making it a collective effort. And it’s not just meat; they also offer a range of products, including Boar’s Head lunch meat and bacon.

While discussing their range of bacon, Rodney reveals his personal favorite is the applewood bacon. “It doesn’t taste like apples, but it has this distinct flavor,” he says. He also highlights their local connections, providing products that aren’t easily found in big grocery stores due to USDA regulations.

Satisfying Every Taste Bud

The shop’s diversity doesn’t stop at meat and traditional products; they plan to venture into the world of bison and alligator meat, a unique offering not often found in typical butcher shops. This decision opens the door for adventurous foodies to savor new flavors.

And, of course, to complement your meat, you’ll find an array of sauces, rubs, and spices. Rodney and his team have curated a selection based on popularity and customer preferences, ensuring that every taste bud is satisfied.

Sausage Secrets

The shop’s sausage has quickly become a customer favorite, but Rodney’s lips are sealed when it comes to the recipe. He jokingly compares it to a family heirloom, refusing to disclose the secret behind this savory treat.

A Family Business

O’Quinn’s Butcher Shop is truly a family affair. Rodney’s daughter-in-law, Amanda, is an integral part of the team, handling the service counter and helping customers with their selections. The shop operates with a family-friendly atmosphere where customers are treated like part of the family.

The store doesn’t just offer raw meat; they’ve expanded their range to include vegetables, such as zucchini, squash, and potatoes, perfect for grilling alongside your meats. This diversity ensures that every customer finds something they can enjoy, regardless of their culinary skills.

Shop Local, Shop Family

When you shop at O’Quinn’s Butcher Shop, you’re not just buying meat; you’re supporting a local, family-owned business. Rodney brings a unique perspective to the meat industry, having spent 33 years in the corporate world. His decision to return to his passion is a testament to the connection, service, and companionship that small, local businesses can provide.

In a world dominated by big corporations, O’Quinn’s Butcher Shop stands as a shining example of the beauty of small, family-owned businesses. The passion, dedication, and commitment that Rodney and his team bring to the shop are evident in every cut of meat and every product on their shelves.

O’Quinn’s Butcher Shop is more than just a place to buy meat; it’s a place to connect with tradition, experience local flavors, and enjoy the personal touch that a family-owned business offers. They’re not just selling meat; they’re selling a family legacy and a taste of local goodness. It’s a place where you can shop local and shop family, enjoying an experience you won’t find in a big corporate store.

They are located at 193 Lowes Dr, Pittsboro, Suite 103, Pittsboro, NC, 27312

Video: Rodney O’Quinn discusses opening a new butcher shop with his son.

00:13 Rodney O’Quinn started O’Quinn’s Butcher Shop for his son.

  • Rodney had previous experience in meat operations and wanted to pass on his knowledge to his son.
  • He has brought his experience and secrets from his previous jobs to the new location.

02:07 Design of O’Quinn’s Butcher Shop hat was decided through voting and family feedback.

  • The owner’s mother initially had doubts about opening a butcher shop at a younger age.
  • The dry aging machine in the shop tenderizes the meat by removing moisture, resulting in a better eating experience.

05:36 O’Quinn’s Butcher Shop offers a variety of bacon including pepper and apple wood flavors.

  • The apple wood bacon has a great smoky taste.
  • The shop also carries local beef products.

07:26 O’Quinn’s Butcher Shop offers a variety of meats and sauces.

  • O’Quinn’s Butcher Shop sells a variety of meats including seafood, surf and turf options. They plan to offer bison meat and alligator meat in the future.
  • They also offer a range of sauces and rubs, with their top seller being the PS seasoning and hot honey BBQ sauce.

11:05 O’Quinn’s Butcher Shop has a popular selection of homemade sausages.

  • O’Quinn’s Butcher Shop makes their own fresh sausages and it is a big seller.
  • The recipe for their sausages is a secret.

13:04 O’Quinn’s Butcher Shop offers fresh and special-cut meats, with a wide variety of sausages being their best-selling item.

  • Customers can find fresh ingredients daily, and if they need something specific, the butcher can cut it on the spot.
  • Even if a particular item is not available in the store, the butcher can source it within a day or two.

16:49 Vacuum packing is commonly used to preserve food with seasonings and sauces.

  • Adding seasonings and sauces to vacuum-packed food enhances its flavor and taste.
  • O’Quinn’s Butcher Shop offers a variety of food items, such as sweet potato chunks, and bread.
  • They offer O’Quinn’s logo hats and shirts for sale.

18:38 Rodney O’Quinn talks about the new O’Quinn’s Butcher Shop

  • Rodney and his son are working together at the shop
  • The family has grown closer by spending more time together
  • They sell a variety of patties, including brisket and prime

21:53 O’Quinn’s Butcher Shop offers personalized service and expertise in cooking meat.

  • Customers can find a wide variety of meat and receive assistance in selecting and cooking it.
  • The shop regularly posts weekly specials on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

23:26 Rodney O’Quinn talks about working closely with his son in the new O’Quinn’s Butcher Shop

  • We spend a lot of time together and are very close, both inside and outside of work
  • People should support locally owned family-owned businesses like O’Quinn’s Butcher Shop