Town board member Kyle Shipp is running for Pittsboro mayor

By Gene Galin

Pittsboro, NC – Pittsboro is on the cusp of significant growth and transformation. With the looming challenges of urbanization, infrastructure development, and maintaining the town’s unique character, the role of mayor takes on a bigger importance. In my conversation with Kyle Shipp, a current Pittsboro town board member who is running unopposed for mayor, we explored his vision and plans for the town’s future.

A Vision for Pittsboro’s Future

Kyle Shipp’s decision to run for mayor stems from his deep-rooted commitment to Pittsboro’s growth and well-being. Under the banner of “Planned for Pittsboro, Plan for Our Future,” Shipp envisions a Pittsboro that thrives through strategic, long-term planning.

He emphasizes that planning doesn’t equate to inaction; rather, it involves setting goals, taking action, and adapting to changing circumstances. As Pittsboro faces unprecedented growth, Shipp believes it’s vital to think decades ahead and ensure the town can provide for the needs of both current and future residents.

Family Support and Decision-Making

Kyle, a dedicated family man, acknowledges the significance of his decision to run for mayor. Balancing a full-time job and a three-year-old son, the commitment to public service is a weighty responsibility. Shipp expressed gratitude for his wife’s unwavering support and their extensive discussions regarding this crucial career move. When asked about his son’s reaction to his mayoral aspirations, Kyle chuckled, revealing that his young child might not fully grasp the role of a mayor.

Endorsements and Transition

Mayor Cindy Perry, who currently holds the office, has expressed her support for Shipp’s candidacy, effectively endorsing him. Shipp has worked alongside Mayor Perry for six years, learning from her experience. This smooth transition of leadership ensures that the town’s priorities remain consistent.

Shipp is running unopposed for mayor, but he remains vigilant, aware of the possibility of write-in campaigns. He appreciates the trust placed in him by the four other Commissioners and the outgoing mayor.

Upcoming Forums and Meet-and-Greets

Even though he is running unopposed, Shipp remains committed to engaging with the community. He will participate in upcoming forums and events, providing an opportunity for residents to get to know him better.

The NAACP will host a forum on October 7 at the Holmes room of the library. This forum will serve as a platform for all candidates, including those running for the town board. Folks can begin to gather at 9 am for a 9:30 am start.

Additionally, on October 10, the Chatham Chamber will host a meet-and-greet event at the Chatham Agricultural Center, offering a more casual setting for residents to interact with the candidates.

Changing Mayoral Terms for Pittsboro

One noteworthy development is the proposal to change Pittsboro’s mayoral term from two years to four years, a move that Shipp believes will benefit the town’s governance and stability. This change is being considered to allow mayors more time to settle into their roles and execute long-term plans.

Shipp elaborated that the current system, where the mayor and three Commissioners are elected in the same cycle, can lead to frequent turnover and uncertainty. The proposal aims to stagger elections, ensuring a more stable leadership transition.

Positive Feedback and Support for Longer Mayoral Terms

Initial feedback from the community has been positive, especially from the business community. Former Mayor Cindy Perry also voiced her support for extending the mayoral term to four years.

This change would not affect the upcoming election, but if approved, it would take effect in 2025. Shipp sees it as a move that will contribute to Pittsboro’s future stability and success.

What Puts a Smile on Mayor Shipp’s Face

As a Pittsboro Town board member, Shipp finds joy in simple yet impactful improvements around town. Seeing people gather in parks, streets become safer with freshly painted lines and crosswalks, and the substantial enhancements in water quality all bring a smile to his face. These achievements highlight the positive changes happening in Pittsboro.

Election Day Reminder

Election Day for Pittsboro is approaching on November 7, 2023.

YouTube video: Kyle Shipp is running for Pittsboro mayor – 9.2.23

00:17 Kyle Shipp is running for Pittsboro mayor.

  • He aspires to be a mayor and wants to continue planning for Pittsboro’s future.
  • The focus is on planning for growth and addressing the needs of current residents.

01:42 Considering running for mayor after careful consideration

  • Son aware of political involvement, but unsure of what being a mayor entails
  • Discussed decision extensively with wife, took into account personal commitments and responsibilities
  • Recognized the significance of running for mayor and weighed the options
  • Final decision based on the belief in the value of serving as mayor

02:51 Running unopposed with endorsement from four Commissioners and current mayor.

  • Working on Ribbon cutting ceremony skills with mayor Perry.
  • Excited to continue working and campaigning.

04:01 Upcoming forums and events for town board candidates

  • NAACP and CRC are organizing a forum on October 7th at the library
  • There are six candidates for three open positions on the town board
  • Chatham Chamber is hosting a meet and greet event on October 10th
  • Sierra Club may not be hosting a forum this year

05:15 Consideration of changing the mayor’s term from two years to four years

  • Allows the mayor to do more and settle in
  • Aligns with the current election process

06:28 Change the mayor’s term from two years to four years starting in 2025

  • This would provide stability and clarity for businesses regarding leadership and policies
  • It would also align the mayor’s term with the board elections, smoothing out the transition

07:45 Running for mayor and upcoming election

  • There are three commissioner seats up for election
  • Two incumbents and four non-incumbents are running
  • Encouragement to learn about the candidates and vote

09:00 Improvements in parking and water quality

  • Improvements in parking include the addition of stop bars and crosswalks.
  • These improvements help people figure out where to park and make it safer to cross the street and walk around.
  • Improvements in water quality have been made for the health of everyone in Pittsboro.
  • The addition of sewer capacity allows for the attraction of new businesses.

Quick Notes

  • [🏛️] Kyle Shipp is running for Pittsboro mayor, driven by a desire for long-term planning and addressing future growth.
  • [👨‍👩‍👦‍👦] His family, including his son and wife, has been supportive of his decision to run for mayor.
  • [📅] Shipp will participate in upcoming forums hosted by NAACP and CRC on October 7th and a meet-and-greet event by the Chatham Chamber on October 10th.
  • [🗳️] He is running unopposed for mayor and has received endorsements from other Commissioners and the current mayor.
  • [🌆] Shipp aims to extend the mayor’s term from two years to four years in 2025 to provide stability and continuity in leadership.
  • [👥] Public sentiment has been generally positive about extending the mayor’s term.
  • [🏞️] Shipp finds joy in seeing people using parks, improving infrastructure like road markings, and enhancing water quality in Pittsboro.