Introducing new sports writer covering Chatham County: Asheebo Rojas

By Gene Galin

Pittsboro, NC – Asheebo Rojas, Chatham County’s new sports writer for the Chatham News and Record, has hit the ground running in his role. I invited him to join me on a Facebook & YouTube live stream at noon on Wednesday. We covered a broad range of topics about sports in Chatham County. In this article, we get to know Asheebo a little better, his background, and what local sports fans can expect as he dives into the world of Chatham County sports.

Gene Galin of the Chatham Journal and Asheebo Rojas of the Chatham News & Record did a live stream via Facebook and YouTube at noontime on September 6 to talk about local Chatham County sports.

A New Face in Chatham County Sports

Asheebo Rojas, a recent graduate from UNC-Chapel Hill, joined the Chatham News and Record newspaper just a couple of weeks ago. While he may be new to the area, Asheebo has quickly made himself known by introducing himself to the athletic directors at our local high schools.

His journey into sports journalism began at UNC Chapel Hill, where he covered various sports, starting with volleyball and gymnastics and working his way up to basketball. He then gained valuable experience during an internship with the Charlotte Post, covering events such as the Panthers preseason and OTAs.

Asheebo’s passion for sports journalism didn’t stop there. Over the past summer, he embarked on another internship in Winston-Salem, where he covered a range of news topics, including 9th Wonder  return for the 50th anniversary of Hip-Hop and Magic Johnson’s visit for West Baptist Health’s 100-year anniversary celebration.

Now, Asheebo Rojas brings his talent and experience to Chatham County, already immersing himself in local sports coverage. He covered the Northwood vs. North Moore football game last week and is gearing up for the Jordan Matthews vs. Chatham Central rivalry game this Friday.

Engaging with Chatham County Sports Fans

One standout feature of Asheebo’s approach to sports journalism is his active presence on social media. He maintains an active Twitter account, @AsheeboR38, where he regularly posts articles, retweets updates from various teams, and keeps the community informed about Chatham County sports.

This means you don’t have to wait for the weekly newspaper to stay updated. Asheebo’s real-time updates on Twitter ensure that Chatham County sports fans can follow their favorite teams and athletes closely.

What to Expect

Asheebo Rojas is already making an impact in the Chatham News and Record with a variety of articles that cater to sports enthusiasts. One notable story focuses on Coach Darren Little, who is in his first year as head coach at Chatham Central. Coach Little took on the challenging task of building a football program almost from scratch. Despite the hurdles, Coach Little is determined to make a difference and has strong ties to the area, making it a personal mission to elevate the program.

Asheebo’s reporting captures the excitement and challenges of local high school sports. For instance, the story of Chatham Central’s recent football game, which went into four overtimes, showcases the determination and dedication of Chatham County athletes.

Additionally, Asheebo has introduced a “Athlete of the Week” feature, shining a spotlight on standout performers in Chatham County sports. The most recent recipient of this honor is Ally Forbes from Seaforth volleyball, who, despite being a freshman, has emerged as a leader on the team.

The State of Chatham County Sports

Asheebo Rojas and I talked a little about the current state of sports in Chatham County. Football has been a bit challenging, with the county’s public schools collectively sporting a 1-10 record after three weeks of play. However, there’s optimism on the horizon as teams work hard to improve and secure victories.

In soccer, Jordan Matthews stands out as a strong contender, with a 3-0-1 record and a growing reputation in the county.

Tennis has seen Seaforth and Northwood leading the way, while cross country and other sports are thriving as well, with talented athletes and dedicated coaches shaping the sports landscape in Chatham County.

Stay Connected with Asheebo Rojas

Asheebo Rojas is eager to engage with Chatham County sports fans and bring the latest news to your fingertips. You can connect with him on Twitter @AsheeboR38 for real-time updates and follow his articles in the Chatham News and Record newspaper.

Asheebo and I did an initial live stream on Wednesday at noon. We hope to make this a regular feature where Chatham County folks can come and hear weekly updates.

Whether you’re a die-hard Chatham County sports fan or just interested in staying informed about local athletics, Asheebo is here to deliver compelling stories and keep you connected with the world of Chatham County sports.