With ACC’s removal of divisions, QB Brennan Armstrong sees a golden opportunity for the Wolfpack

By Gene Galin

Charlotte, NC – NC State Wolfpack’s star quarterback, Brennan Armstrong, is eagerly looking forward to the upcoming ACC football season. With new opponents on the horizon, Armstrong is particularly excited about facing off against Notre Dame. During his breakout session at the ACC Football Kickoff in Charlotte, he shared his enthusiasm for playing with a new group of teammates, the prospect of winning games, and the removal of divisions in the ACC that provides a clear path to the Championship. Armstrong discussed the challenges and changes he and his team are preparing for.

Looking Forward to Playing with New Teammates and Winning Games
In discussion with the media, Armstrong expressed genuine excitement about being part of a new team and building camaraderie with his teammates. He is determined to give his best in each game and lead his team to victory. One opponent that has caught his attention is Notre Dame, and he is eager to face the challenge they present on the field. With the ACC’s removal of divisions, Armstrong sees an excellent opportunity for the Wolfpack to make it to the Championship and leave a mark in ACC history.

The Transition to NC State and Aspirations for Explosive Success
Armstrong joined NC State recently, and he describes the transition as smooth and straightforward. He now stands as the team’s starting quarterback, ready to lead with confidence. His goal is to achieve explosive success. He believes that last year, he couldn’t fully showcase his potential on offense, and he is determined not to repeat that performance.

Playing an Important ACC Game at Home
Facing an important ACC game at home is both thrilling and nerve-wracking for Armstrong. The transition to a new offense has been a challenge, and Armstrong wishes it had been more gradual. The pressure to perform well and earn a place in the NFL adds to the weight on his shoulders. Despite the pressure, Armstrong speaks highly of his blue-collar and hard-nosed roommate, who supports him through thick and thin. Furthermore, his previous experience playing against the upcoming opponent in 2020 gives him valuable insights into what to expect.

Challenging Practice Against Tough Defense
Armstrong acknowledges that practicing against a tough defense can be challenging, but he sees it as an opportunity for growth and improvement. He shares that celebrating funerals and spending time with the families of fallen soldiers have been essential experiences for him, helping him find closure during tough times. His ability to handle the transfer portal well after those emotional events has contributed to his personal growth and resilience.

Building a Strong Relationship with His New Roommate
Having a roommate again after a year excites Armstrong, and he hopes to be a supportive presence both on and off the field. His focus is on getting players in the right positions and boosting their confidence, as he believes this will contribute to the team’s overall success. Despite the challenges and changes that come with a new season, Armstrong remains optimistic and committed to his team’s goals.

Reflecting on His ACC Career and Handling Expectations
Having spent three years in the ACC, Armstrong has become familiar with the competition and the pressure to perform at a high level. He strives to represent himself well and aims to bring joy to fans with his style of play. The arrival of a new offensive coordinator and being the starting quarterback comes with high expectations, but Armstrong has learned to handle criticism and has matured over time.

The Intensity of ACC Competition and the Journey to the Championship
Armstrong recognizes that the ACC is home to some of the best football teams, and each game is crucial. With the absence of divisions, the competition becomes even more intense, and every week is a challenge. The ultimate goal is to have the two best teams reach the Championship game, creating an electrifying atmosphere for fans and players alike.

The new challenges Brennan Armstrong faces, including playing against formidable opponents, transitioning to a new offense, and representing a new team, only fuel his passion to excel at the game. As NC State gears up for an action-packed season, Wolfpack fans are encouraged to show their support, be loud, and make history alongside their team at Carter Finley Stadium.

Watch NC State Wolfpack quarterback Brennan Armstrong at ACC Football Kickoff – 7.27.23

00:04 Looking forward to playing with new teammates and winning games

  • I am excited to play with a new group of guys and give our best in each game
  • I am particularly looking forward to playing against Notre Dame
  • The ACC’s removal of divisions gives us a great chance to reach the Championship
  • I believe this season will be exciting to witness how everything finishes out

02:20 Excited to play football and ready to put things together

  • Transition to NC State was super easy
  • Clear cut as starting quarterback now
  • Goal is to explode
  • Didn’t have the opportunity to be himself on offense last year
  • Doesn’t want to go back to that

04:39 Playing an important ACC game at home.

  • The transition to a new offense could have been more gradual.
  • Pressure to perform well and make it to the NFL.
  • Roommate is described as blue-collar and hard-nosed.
  • Previous experience playing against the opponent in 2020.

07:01 Playing against tough defense in practice is challenging.

  • I’m glad we only had to do it once during the spring game.
  • I’ve had a great experience celebrating funerals and being around their families.
  • It was a good closure for me.
  • I think I handled the transfer portal well after the funerals.
  • I would have dealt differently if I was still at Virginia.

10:09 Looking forward to connecting with new roommate and helping him on and off the field.

  • Excited to have a roommate again after not having one for a year.
  • Hopeful to provide football assistance and develop a strong relationship.
  • Believes success comes from getting players in the right positions and giving them confidence.
  • Acknowledges the challenges and changes in the team but remains optimistic and committed.

12:38 The quarterback talks about his career and experience in the ACC.

  • He has been around the ACC for three years and has seen familiar faces.
  • He tries to represent himself well and hopes people enjoy it.
  • There are high expectations for the new offensive coordinator and starting quarterback.
  • The quarterback has learned to handle criticism and has matured over time.

16:06 ACC competition is intense and each game is important

  • The ACC has really good teams and each week is crucial.
  • The absence of divisions in the ACC makes for a tight race.
  • The goal is to have the best two teams in the championship game.

18:41 NC State is excited to play a regular season game at Carter Finley for the first time.

  • They are looking forward to the surreal feeling of running onto the field with the fans.
  • They encourage NC State fans to come out, show out, be loud, and have fun.