A sigh of relief: No more detectable 1,4 Dioxane in Pittsboro’s water

Pittsboro, NC – Yesterday afternoon (8/02/23), the Town of Pittsboro received the testing results for 1,4 dioxane in their drinking water system, indicating there are no longer detectable concentrations of 1,4 dioxane within the system, including the raw water entering the plant from the Haw River.

Actions taken by the professional staff at the Pittsboro Water Treatment Plant to reduce the amount of 1,4 dioxane in the system, including limiting intake from the river and flushing the system, successfully reduced and ultimately removed concentrations of the substance.

The town of Pittsboro appreciates our staff, partners, and stakeholders who came together to address this issue and thank our water customers for their patience while we managed this event.

This is the final update for this event.