Rock City Church: Touching lives, spreading love, and building a vibrant community

By Gene Galin

Pittsboro, NC – On Easter Sunday of 2022, Myron and Sabrina Jamerson embarked on a journey to create Rock City Church in Chatham County. This do-something church, driven by the passion to make a difference and spread love, has quickly become a pillar of support in the community. The Jamersons’ journey, from Germany to New York, and finally settling in Chatham County, reveals the careful planning and divine guidance that brought Rock City Church into being. With a mission to impact lives and create a lasting impact, Rock City Church’s journey is one of love, faith, and a commitment to community building.

I had an opportunity to speak to Sabrina Jamerson at the church’s “One Day Water Park” event at the Chatham County fairgrounds on Saturday afternoon.

A Calling to Chatham County

The genesis of Rock City Church was a calling to Chatham County, where Sabrina and her husband felt compelled to move in obedience to God. Their decision to start a church here was inspired by their genuine love for people and a desire to make a difference. The warm reception they received from the community further fueled their commitment to Chatham County’s growth and development. Sabrina’s immigrant background and her husband’s military service enriched their understanding of diverse experiences, making them well-equipped to embrace the community’s needs and embrace a tight-knit approach to community building.

Laying the Foundation

Before the doors of Rock City Church opened in April 2022, meticulous planning played a crucial role. The Jamersons researched the area, seeking where God would have them make their mark. Their purposeful journey led them to the heart of Chatham County, where they instantly felt at home. With a strong desire to foster a sense of belonging, they sought to serve both Chatham County and neighboring communities like Siler City and Sanford.

The Power of Impactful Events

Rock City Church quickly set out to create meaningful events that would bring people together and create a sense of togetherness. Seeing smiling children and parents coming together at events like the water park event this Saturday at the Chatham County fairgrounds demonstrate the positive impact of Rock City Church’s presence. Additionally, their dedication to the elderly, exemplified through Christmas basket giveaways, serves as a testament to the church’s commitment to embracing every member of the community, especially those who may feel forgotten.

The First Easter Sunday Service

Easter Sunday 2022 marked a monumental moment for Rock City Church. The first service witnessed a significant turnout, with attendees expressing their gratitude for the church’s presence in Chatham County. The powerful presence of the Holy Spirit was felt, and lives were touched, leaving an indelible mark on those who attended. The outpouring of love and appreciation further solidified Rock City Church’s position as a beacon of hope and faith in the community.

A New Facility in Sanford

As the church grew and its impact expanded, it became evident that Rock City Church required a permanent facility. While the search for a building in Pittsboro proved challenging, they found a suitable home in Sanford, conveniently situated to reach both Lee County and Chatham County. This move not only provided more space but also alleviated the burden of setting up and tearing down each week. The excitement and enthusiasm about the future are palpable, as they eagerly await the unfolding of God’s plans.

Rock City Church’s journey, as told to me by Sabrina Jamerson during the event at the fairgrounds, is one of faith, love, and a deep commitment to building a community that embraces everyone. From humble beginnings to becoming a dynamic force in Chatham County, Rock City Church’s impact will be felt within the community. As they continue to spread love and touch lives, they encourage others to do the same. The legacy they wish to leave is one of a healthier, thriving community, where each individual takes responsibility for touching another life positively.

If you are interested in learning more about Rock City Church or wish to be a part of their mission to make a difference, visit their website. There, you can find information about their upcoming events, community outreach programs, and how you can contribute to their cause.