Circle City Ice Cream is coming to Pittsboro – A sweet treat for the town

By Gene Galin

Pittsboro, NC – Pittsboro is about to welcome a new, fixed location ice cream parlor, “Circle City Ice Cream.” The renowned mobile ice cream truck, known as “Mapleview Mobile,” will have a permanent home at 21 West Chatham Street. The new establishment promises to become a popular hangout spot, offering an array of ice cream flavors to satisfy every taste bud.

A Journey to Sweet Success

For the mastermind behind this venture, Jerry Richardson, it all began with a childhood spent on a family farm, where they made their own ice cream from cow’s milk. Years later, a serendipitous suggestion from a friend encouraged him to try selling his homemade ice cream. After the successful debut at the Apex Farmers Market, he realized the potential of his delightful frozen concoctions.

To meet the growing demand, he collaborated with Mapleview Farm, forming “Mapleview Mobile.” For over a decade, this beloved mobile ice cream truck has delighted Pittsboro and the surrounding area with locally made Mapleview ice cream. Now, the team of Robin and Jerry Richardson is stepping into a new chapter by establishing “Circle City Ice Cream.”

A Frosty Haven of Flavors

Set to open its doors in mid-August, Circle City Ice Cream will offer a scrumptious selection of ice cream flavors to please every palate. Expect a lineup of eight Mapleview local favorites and eight Blue Bell classics from Texas. And, to cater to all dietary preferences, the parlor will provide vegan-friendly options, ensuring everyone can enjoy a scoop of delight.

Beyond Ice Cream – Milkshakes, Sundaes, and More!

Circle City Ice Cream plans to go beyond the traditional ice cream parlor experience. Alongside the delightful array of hand-dipped ice cream, they will serve up a menu of milkshakes, sundaes, and even some extravagant creations like “crazy shakes.” For those looking to savor a taste of nostalgia, seasonal delights like buttercream and eggnog will be available during festive occasions.

Dog-Friendly and Family-Oriented

The owners have thoughtfully considered their community’s needs, making Circle City Ice Cream a place for all to enjoy. Alongside the human treats, they are introducing pet ice cream, giving dog owners the chance to share a moment of joy with their furry friends. The establishment will even provide fresh water bowls for the four-legged guests.

A Welcoming Ambiance

As the finishing touches are put in place, the store’s aesthetics reflect a welcoming and family-friendly atmosphere. The vibrant ocean-blue color scheme, carefully chosen by Jerry’s wife, adds a dash of cheerfulness to the exterior. A comfortable outdoor seating area, adorned with newly-delivered umbrellas, will beckon visitors to relax and enjoy their frozen delights.

Inside, the parlor will have a glass serving window, ensuring a seamless transition for those ordering from both inside and outside. A counter with bar chairs allows customers to enjoy their ice cream indoors comfortably. During our discussion I suggested Jerry might want to add ice cream-inspired artwork to adorn the outside side walls.

A Sweet Grand Opening

Circle City Ice Cream is all set to have a grand opening, with the date to be announced soon. The establishment recently joined the Chamber of Commerce, solidifying its commitment to becoming an integral part of the local community.

Jerry Richardson stands in front of location for the Circle City Ice Cream shop. (photo by Gene Galin)

A Call to Indulge

As August approaches, Circle City Ice Cream is gearing up to become a beloved destination for families, friends, and anyone with a sweet tooth. Whether it’s a lazy summer afternoon or a special celebration, this ice cream parlor aims to create memorable moments for all who step through its doors. Circle City Ice Cream is all set to become the ultimate indulgence in town.

Circle City Ice Cream is a new fixed location in Pittsboro, serving local Mapleview and Blue Bell ice cream flavors.

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00:12 Circle City Ice Cream is a new fixed location in Pittsboro.

  • Circle City Ice Cream will serve eight flavors of Mapleview local made ice cream and eight flavors of Blue Bell ice cream from Texas.
  • The location was previously occupied by another business called The Hop.
  • Circle City Ice Cream has signed an extended lease for the location.

02:11 The ice cream business started by accident and became successful.

  • Jerry Richardson grew up on a family farm and made ice cream for themselves.
  • They eventually started selling their ice cream and had success with strawberry and peach flavors.

04:23 Maple View mobile business will remain the same, but they have found a fixed location at Circle City ice cream in Pittsboro.

  • Maple View mobile business will continue to operate and sell their product.
  • They have been trying to find a fixed location in Pittsboro for the last three years.
  • They were able to partner with Circle City ice cream and found a location that met their needs.
  • They have concrete and gravel for landscaping and plan to have outside seating.
  • The swing idea for outside seating was from the owner’s son who is a landscape architect.
  • His company provided the labor for the landscaping design.
  • The location has been completed within the last week and a half.
  • The owner likes leaving the lights on at the location to support Duke Energy 🙂

06:13 Ice Cream Shop with a variety of flavors and options

  • We’re located at 21 West Chatham
  • The color scheme chosen is a unique ocean blue
  • The front entry door will be changed to a glass door with a serving window
  • The interior is currently under construction but will be cool and comfortable
  • We offer a range of ice cream flavors, including vegan and pet-friendly options

08:03 The ice cream shop will offer pet-friendly ice cream and beverages.

  • The shop will have water bowls outside for dogs and beverages like Coke, Sprite, and water.
  • They may also sell pints of milk and seasonal flavors like buttercream and eggnog.
  • The shop may consider providing a shuttle service for kids to visit.
  • The layout of the shop includes serving windows, counters, dipping cabinets, and workspace.
  • There will be a bar area for customers to sit and eat their ice cream.

09:58 The ice cream shop will offer milkshakes, sundaes, and hand-dipped ice cream.

  • No milkshakes are served in cups, only hand-dipped ice cream.
  • They also have crazy shakes and a variety of ice cream flavors.

11:52 New ice cream shop opening mid-August

  • The shop will have a grand opening with a ribbon-cutting ceremony
  • The shop has joined the Chamber of Commerce
  • The mayor will attend the grand opening
  • The shop will offer popular Blue Bell and Maple View flavors
  • The shop will also have Carolina crunch, Blue Devil Delight, and Wolf Pack Praline flavors
  • The shop in Chapel Hill only offers Maple View flavors
  • Customers can mix and match flavors at the new shop

13:47 Circle City Ice Cream offers a wide variety of products

  • They have delicious flavors like blueberry and vanilla
  • The store will have extended hours and is open seven days a week